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Aqua Dams

Aqua Dams – Portable, Water Inflated, and Reusable

View of Aqua Dams in River

Aqua Dams are reusable, temporary dams that are constructed from high quality, high tensile, strong materials. They are a convenient, cost-effective and time efficient way to provide a solution to a number of water related issues. They can be used, for example, by a construction crew to provide an enclosed area around a submerged or partially submerged site. The water can then be removed from the enclosed area to create a dry and safe working environment.

Aqua Dams Provide Solutions To Countless Issues Where Water Is Involved

An aqua dam can also be placed on standby as a means of flood protection. If flooding is possible – for example if unseasonable levels of rain are forecast – then an aqua dam can be placed around an area that needs to be protected such as building or a natural habitat. Aqua dams are flexible and adaptable and can be arranged to follow any type of terrain to provide a sturdy barrier that water simply cannot penetrate.

The installation process is practically identical in both standing and flowing water. With standing water, the aqua dam can just be ‘floated out’ until it is in place and then inflated. The water that is pumped into the aqua dam gives it weight, causing it to sink until it is anchored to the bed of the water. In dynamic water sources, the process is the same except that both ends of the aqua dam need to anchored first so that the dam does not float away!

Some of the key features of aqua dams

  • Aqua dams are quick and easy to deploy, saving you both time and money
  • They can be used for multiple applications, from flood protection to construction
  • When not being used, aqua dams do not require a lot of storage space
  • Aqua dams have a low impact on the local environment, especially when compared to alternatives
  • Can be molded into any shape possible
  • Can be linked together with a collar fitting system to create an overall barrier of practically any length
  • Aqua dams are reusable  – just clean them and pack them away!
  • Minimum sediment disruption – less risk of topsoil erosion

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