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Aqua Dams in Georgia

Aqua Dam in Georgia Being Used For Construction

When used in construction, aqua dams in Georgia – also called water-filled cofferdams – are used for a very extensive range of applications. Despite their versatility and effectiveness, many construction companies and contractors choose alternative methods of dewatering a site, namely steel sheet pile dams or dams constructed using water or gravel. Not only are such companies missing out on truly innovative, practical, and convenient ways of solving their water intrusion issues, but they are also potentially adding thousands of dollars to the overall construction cost.

Aqua Dams in Georgia Are a Convenient, Flexible, and Cost-Effective Solution to Water Intrusion

Typically, aqua dams in Georgia are barriers made by combining two water-tight tubes inside a woven external sleeve. Common materials used in the construction of such water-filled cofferdams are polyethylene and vinyl. Water is pumped into the twin inner chambers to inflate the dam. Once fully inflated, aqua dams in Georgia form sturdy, impenetrable barriers. They will not roll or collapse as dams constructed from earth or gravel are always at risk of doing, making them suitable as temporary dams for multiple construction applications.

The installation process for aqua dams in Georgia is much more straightforward than alternative methods and therefore is much more cost-effective. The installation process also requires much less effort and time in man-hours, saving valuable time and money. In addition, aqua dams in Georgia are much better at preventing contaminants from entering the source of water than other methods, making them much kinder for and friendlier to the environment. Any water-containment or diversion method must take as much care as possible to prevent contaminants and debris from entering the water source, particularly when it comes to dynamic water sources. Contaminants and debris entering active water sources can cause significant problems downstream, creating blockages and diverting water from where it usually runs.

Example Uses of Aqua Dams in Georgia:

Here are a few examples of how aqua dams in Georgia can be used:

  • Bridges: If a bridge needs repairing, then it is best that the area needing repair is isolated and the water around it removed. Aqua dams in Georgia are ideal for this. In terms of bridge construction, aqua dams can be used to dewater the construction area completely. In dynamic water, section by section can be isolated so that disruption to the usual water flow is kept to a minimum.
  • Pipelines: Pipelines often lie in water sources for convenience, and constantly running a pipeline through a water source is preferable to and safer than running it overground. Aqua dams in Georgia are invaluable for dewatering the areas where pipelines are being laid.
  • Flooding Control: If a construction project is not actually in a water source but is very close to an area prone to flooding, then having aqua dams in Georgia on hand is a sensible choice. As they can be deployed quickly, should the worse happen, they can be used to prevent floodwater from damaging the site and causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

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