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Aqua Dams in Louisiana

Aqua Dams in Louisiana

Picture of Aqua Dams in Louisiana with red barn in background.

Aqua Dams in Louisiana are water filled barriers that act as a temporary way of controlling, diverting, or containing water. Typically, an aqua dam will contain a pair of flexible watertight inner tubes that are made from durable, strong, flexible, and environmentally friendly materials. When it comes to deployment, the aqua dams in Louisiana are placed into position and the resource they are tasked with controlling – water – is pumped into them until they are fully inflated. When their installation is complete, Louisiana aqua dams form water barriers that are highly flexible.

Using Aqua Dams Louisiana Will Give You Added Benefits Over Sandbags

The traditional method of water control, diversion or containment has always been the deployment of sandbags, and for a long time. However, the deployment of sandbags takes time, costs a great deal and is generally far too much of a hassle. In addition, sandbags must be disposed of in line with environmental guidelines as they become contaminated and hazardous due to their prolonged contact with water. You simply cannot empty them and return the sand to its source, which also means that sandbags can never be used again once their use has come to an end.

Compare this to the installation of aqua dams in Louisiana. The only variable is the availability and ease of pumping power. The installation of an aqua dam usually only takes a few hours, and the majority of aqua dams in Louisiana can be installed in less than one day. Because aqua dams are so flexible, they can be aligned to any path as required. You can even combine several aqua dams with a connection collar system that means you can create an impenetrable barrier of any length you may require.

Removing Aqua Dams in Louisiana is Almost as Convenient as Installing Them

Once your need for aqua dams in Louisiana is over, all you need to do is flood the contained area (if the dam is being used to preserve a dry working environment), drain the aqua dam itself, clean it, roll it up and then place it into storage. If you take care of your aqua dam, then it should last you for countless applications.

Aqua dams in Louisiana are highly effective water filled barriers that will not only save you time and money but will also allow you to reduce your impact upon the environment. If you would like to learn more, then please contact Dam-It-Dams at (810) 695 1695. We can also be contacted online using our contact form located here.

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