Major Differences Between Traditional and Inflatable Cofferdams

Traditional and Inflated Cofferdams

If your company has been dealing with construction projects where water intrusion is an issue for several years now, you may have always selected a traditional solution as the way to solve your problem. You may, however, have found that ‘traditional’ cofferdams are more trouble than they are worth, and are looking into alternatives. If …

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Water Inflated Cofferdams for Boat Ramp Construction

Sunset Over Boat Ramp on Lake

While the summer of 2021 is unlikely to see us back to living the life we’ve previously been accustomed to, it’s likely to be several steps ahead of the non-event that was the summer of 2020. Throughout the US, the maintenance of boat ramps is not something that likely has been at the forefront of …

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The Importance of Dewatering for Bridge Repair

Bridge Engineers By Water

The US national transportation network would be in a complete mess without bridges. A large part of the geography of the United States is peppered with streams, rivers, man-made waterways and lakes. It would be impossible for an effective transportation network to exist without some way of getting over these waterways, which is why bridges …

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How to Install Water Inflated Cofferdams

Overhead view of waterfilled cofferdam installation.

A water inflated cofferdam, as supplied by the team here at Dam-It-Dams, is a versatile solution to countless dewatering needs that is also quick and easy to install. Your company may have been contracted to work on the repairs to a bridge or dam, the installation of a boat ramp or some kind of shoreline …

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How Oil Spills Can Be Contained with Water-Inflated Cofferdams

Close up of oil spill and shoreline.

Oil and chemical spills are almost always hazardous. They pose a threat both to the health of any humans affected by the spill, and a threat to the local natural habitat including all animal and plant life. Sadly, oil and chemical spills happen more commonly than you probably think. Someone may make a mistake when …

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