The Three D’s of Water Control

In the cofferdam business, we refer to the 3-D’s often: Dewatering, Diversion, and Damming. There is a multitude of applications where our sturdy and portable cofferdam proves to be the most useful tool against water to ensure safety and reliability for project completion. Below is listed what each D means and examples of situations where they would be used to help you better understand the diverse types of issues our temporary water barriers are equipped to handle!

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Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

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The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey hasn’t been brought to mention as much as expected, in light of Category 5 Hurricane Irma, which is currently tearing its way through the Caribbean Islands at the moment and expected to produce tropical storm winds in Florida as soon as Friday, September 8th.

Hurricane Harvey was a category 4 hurricane with winds of 132 mph that devastated Texas last month costing the government an     $190 billion in damages, making it the costliest natural disaster in U.S. History. Comparatively, Hurricane Katrina from August of 2005 cost $125 billion and, in third place, Superstorm Sandy from October 2012 cost $65 billion, according to estimates from AccuWeather, as reported to usatoday.com. Harvey’s rainfall was totaled to 51.9 inches of rain, making it less than an inch short of breaking U.S. record set in 1950 in Hawaii.

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