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Dam-It Dams was launched in the year 2000 by a Fenton, Michigan man named Jack Nichols. After thirty years in the construction business, he saw first-hand the need for a fast and effective way to manage water that wouldn’t break the bank. He also knew it had to be environmentally friendly. To protect the precious natural resource of water, Dam-It Dams has developed an environmentally friendly method to manage water using his patented Dam-It Dams cofferdam system, in accordance with the Clean Water Act.

At Dam-It Dams we offer a cost-effective and innovative solution to dewatering any type of work site. Our services range from complete installation to sales and rentals. Use your labor or ours, we have options to save you time and money over conventional systems.
Our products are made with a geo-textile material that is puncture resistant and sturdy enough to withstand rising water levels. Because the material is light-weight, it is portable and able to be stored away for future use.
Best of all it’s eco-friendly! There’s no need to import resources, because it uses on-site water and, upon completion of the project, there is little to no trace of the Dam-It Dams cofferdam left behind.
Call, fax, or email us today and let us know how we can help with your project. Cofferdam_River_DIversion_1  

“We used Dam-It Dam’s portable coffer dam on a project where we needed to dig out material an set a grade to install a new boat launch for the Minnesota DNR on Lake Vermillion near Tower, MN. Everything went fine on the project. We are completely satisfied with the job done by Dam-It Dams. We will use them again.”

A. Schramm, Mesabi Bituminous Inc. Gilbert, MN

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