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Cofferdam Installation

Cofferdam Installation

A Dam-it Dams cofferdam installation is very simple; On-site water is pumped into the two inner fill tubes causing the dam’s chambers to slowly and evenly inflate, forming a strong, stable cylindrical tube. As the inner tubes continue to fill and the water pressure builds, the dam unrolls in a controlled manner to create the strong and dependable Dam-It Dam’s Cofferdam.

Our Cofferdams can be molded perfectly to fit a lake bed, river bed, watershed, around your home, through bushes and brush, or any other type of physical setting. Using the available extension coupling system, individual dams may be easily linked together to create a watertight barrier that meets your size requirements.

Looking for a Cofferdam Contractor?

Selecting a contractor for your cofferdam installation is one of the most important decisions you will make to ensure the success of the project.

There are several factors to be considered:

Number of Contractors:

  • One contractor for manufacture and cofferdam installation?
  • One contractor for manufacture; another contractor for cofferdam installation?
  • One contractor for manufacture; self installation?
  • One contractor for manufacture; self installation with contractor supervision?

Cofferdam Size:

  • Does your contractor offer cofferdams in the size(s) you need?
  • Can the cofferdam(s) be manufactured and delivered to meet project timing?
  • Are the cofferdams water filled?

Equipment Needs:

Who will provide the following equipment that is recommended for large cofferdam installations?

  • At least two portable 2”-3” water discharge pumps. Using more pumps will lessen fill time. The inner fill tubes will accommodate any size discharge hose
  • A discharge/suction hose for each pump
  • Duct tape to secure and constrict the fill tubes
  • Restraining ropes

In moving water, restraining ropes should be used to help control the cofferdam during installation. Every 100 feet of cofferdam requires 250 feet of ½-inch rope. The use of four ropes is highly recommended for the installation of cofferdams that are six feet or higher in rapidly flowing water.

Project Personnel

Who will be responsible for provide the following project personnel?

In Stationary Water

Two to four workers are typically required to install small (less than 4 feet in height) cofferdams in stationary water.

Three to six workers are typically required to install large (4 feet or higher) cofferdams in stationary water. Ropes are usually not needed but can be used to maneuver the cofferdam in deep water depths.

In Moving Water

Three to seven workers are required to install small and large cofferdams in moving water.

The following table shows personnel needs for typical installations of cofferdams in moving water:

Cofferdam Size(feet)RopesWorkers in the WaterWorkers Manning Pumps
1 – 401-31

Strong water currents require more personnel to ensure proper installation and the safety of all workers.

Cofferdam Installation Site Preparation

Preparing the worksite for the installation of the cofferdam is not only for the equipments safety but for yours as well, which makes it a vital step in the process that should not be overlooked. Plan these things ahead for time to make the project go smoother and quicker: Who will be responsible for preparing the site, including moving or removing boulders, rocks and debris that may interfere with proper installation of the cofferdam and, if necessary, leveling the water bed?

Cofferdam Installation Steps
There are eight basic installation steps:

Affordable Cofferdam 1
A rolled-up Cofferdam is delivered to the job site on a truck or trailer.
Cofferdams - reducing your footptrint
The Cofferdam is transferred from the vehicle to the shoreline.
Two identical pumps are connected to the Cofferdam to fill the internal tubes with on-site water.
Two identical pumps are connected to the Cofferdam to fill the internal tubes with on-site water.
Temporary Cofferdam Lake Install 5
As the Cofferdam fills with water, it unrolls and is guided into position.
Affordable Water Filled Cofferdam 12
The Cofferdam inflates as it reaches the opposite shoreline
Water Filled Temporary Dam Shoreline
Water is pumped from one side to the other side of the Cofferdam to create a “dry zone.”
Temporary Cofferdam Pipeline Repair 2
Project work commences on the dry side.
Damit Dams Cofferdam Water FIlled
Upon project completion, the Cofferdam is drained, rolled up, put back on the truck/trailer and moved to the next site.

Dam-It-Dams, Inc.

Dam-It Dams, Inc. has been an innovator in cofferdams and other water solutions since 1928. Our patented, water-filled temporary cofferdams create effective water barrier dams that leave little to no footprint on the environment.

And because of their industrial strength, our Cofferdams are reusable for future projects and emergency situations.

The portable cofferdam system offers a cost effective and highly adaptable solution to manage, move, dam, or divert water with minimal crew requirements. The easy-to-install system uses on-site water (versus outdated sand bags and earthen fill) to eliminate waste and harm to the land. The system may be purchased or leased. Contractors may use our professionals or their own workers for installation to save time and money.

Need Help?

Dam-It Dams, Inc. is the Midwest’s Largest Manufacturer of portable water-filled cofferdams. If you need help or have any questions about the manufacture or installation of cofferdams, please contact us at (248) 755-7383.

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