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Construction near Pipeline

Pipeline Repair With Inflatable Cofferdams

Inflatable cofferdams are among the most versatile and potent dewatering assistance tools for construction companies, crews, and personal property owners. One of the many applications in which an inflatable cofferdam is most helpful is installing and repairing underwater pipelines. With assistance from Dam-It-Dams and their expert teams of dewatering professionals, you can quickly, safely, and ...

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Hurricane Near Florida

Tips to Reduce Flooding Risks During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season comes with significant risks to property and infrastructure, with flooding being one of the most potent forces of nature that will destroy without remorse. Furthermore, hurricanes are becoming more prominent thanks to warm seas and shifting weather conditions. But you need ways to fight back. Read on to find several tips to help ...

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Construction Worker with Watch

Construction Tips to Keep Your Project On Time & On Budget

In our modern day and age, keeping on schedule and budget is becoming increasingly tight in the construction industry. Rapidly changing weather conditions, increases in the cost of materials, inflation, and worker shortages across the nation are just a few factors that squeeze contractors and subcontractors. So, what is a business owner to do? Explore ...

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White Bird Walking in Wetlands

Protect Wildlife Wetland Habitats with Portable Cofferdams During Dam Repair

When doing maintenance or construction on a dam near a wetland habitat, the risk for local wildlife can be high. Your main difficulty is likely to be reducing water while retaining the wetland, which can seem like a significant contradiction. However, you can mitigate your impact using a portable cofferdam, the least intrusive and eco-friendly ...

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Truck with Boat Unloading into Lake

Inflatable Cofferdams for Boat Ramp Construction

Boat ramps are essential infrastructure for lake, coastal, and river access. However, due to the water in these locations, it can be challenging to construct a boat ramp without an adequate temporary dewatering solution. Enter inflatable cofferdams like those available from Dam-It-Dams. Inflatable cofferdams are invaluable safety tools for construction on or near the water. ...

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Sunny River Picture

Inflatable Cofferdams and Environmental Sustainability: A Green Solution

In our current ecological climate, there has been a massive push for sustainable options and green-friendly solutions to traditionally disruptive building and flood prevention practices. Inflatable cofferdams are your water intrusion prevention method for environmental sustainability and limiting the ecological damage of the construction industry. So how do inflatable cofferdams accomplish this? Temporary cofferdams are ...

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Water-filled Cofferdam Application with Retainer Wall

Effective Applications of Inflatable Cofferdams

Are you new to using a temporary cofferdam and curious how to implement them into your next project? Inflatable cofferdams are an incredibly versatile and durable water intrusion barrier that is second to none for construction, ecological restoration, and flooding protection. Join us below as we explore some example scenarios for real-world applications and some ...

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Water Inflated Cofferdam Used As Flood Barriers

Using Cofferdams as Inflatable Flood Barriers

Whether you live near the coast or in a desert area, flash floods are one of the leading causes of property damage in the United States. Flooding from hurricanes, overflowing dams or levies, and furious snow melt can come with little to no notice and devastate entire communities. When a flood warning is put out ...

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Contractor holding Pro and Con Signs

What are the Pros and Cons of Cofferdams?

Nothing is better than the humble cofferdam for most water intrusion control methods. However, dozens of techniques and construction materials are used for cofferdams, from earthwork to inflatable, and each comes with pros and cons. So, what are cofferdams, and which is best for your next project? Here we will break them down from worst ...

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Water Inflated Cofferdam Installation

What is The Main Purpose of an Inflatable Cofferdam?

Does your property or job site suffer from chronic flooding? Do you need to do work in an otherwise inaccessible underwater area? Or are you working toward a brighter future by protecting the ecosystem? You can solve all these problems and more by implementing an inflatable cofferdam in your next project. Today we will discuss ...

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