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Portable Water Dam for Construction Projects

Builders construct a concrete bridge over a small river

Working in or close to a source of water can be both a complex and dangerous undertaking. The challenge of construction is complex enough, but when you throw in the extra layers of environmental needs, safety, the unpredictability of the weather and water management itself, the whole issue of construction projects in or close to …

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6 Benefits of Temporary Cofferdam Construction

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You may have heard of cofferdams, especially if you work in an industry where water intrusion is frequently a problem. There are many different types of cofferdams – coffer means ‘box’ so ‘cofferdam’ is simply a catch-all term for any type of dam that creates a box or wall to prevent water from going where …

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The Many Innovative Uses of Inflatable Cofferdams

Men Installing a Water-Filled Cofferdam With Dam-It-Dams

While there are those looking for solutions to dewater a project site who already know the many benefits of using inflatable cofferdams, there are still others who remain unaware of the ways in which inflatable cofferdams can be the perfect solution to meet their need. From planned construction to needing water moved out of the …

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Choosing the Right Cofferdam Contractor: What to Look For

A young male engineer working at a cofferdam construction site

As a general contractor or construction company, you already understand the importance of choosing the right partners for your projects to ensure the job is done well. Adding an additional wrinkle, such as working in a submerged site, brings another layer of complexity that might leave many scratching their heads. Fortunately, there are experienced contractors …

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3 Alternatives to Sandbags for Flood Protection

Flooded garden with sandbags prhobiting further damage

The humble sandbag can have many uses in life, but the majority of people associate sandbags (which are basically, hessian or polypropylene sacks that have been filled with sand) with flood protection. Sandbags have been used to create a barrier against potential flooding and against actual flood waters for many years. They are effective at …

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