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Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Homes and Businesses near Water

Fort Lauderdale street floods with rain water from Tropical Storm Eta.

Both hurricanes and extreme rainstorms can present several problems for local communities. When weather authorities issue a flood warning, many business owners turn to sandbags or alternate flood control methods to prepare. Flash flooding in moderate to low-risk areas accounts for nearly 25% of flood insurance claims. For those who live near the coast, the …

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How to Keep Your Crew Safe During Bridge Construction

Two EngineersLooking Up at Highway Bridge

When a bridge has fallen into disrepair or is damaged due to an accident, extreme weather event or a natural disaster, workers step in immediately to secure the structure and eventually demolish, repair, or rebuild it. Unfortunately, many of these workers end up injured. According to data from The Federal Highway Administration, one work zone …

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Tips to Protect Your Business When Severe Weather is on the Way

View of Strong Storms Over Suburban Town

Severe weather can be devastating for homes, families and businesses, and in the US severe weather events are becoming more commonplace. Thankfully, technology has advanced so much over the past two or three decades or so that a severe weather event can be predicted hours or even days before it hits. Predictions means nothing though …

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How to Quickly Dewater a Construction Site

View of Construction Workers Installing a Water Filled Cofferdam

Dewatering a construction site simply means removing the water from the site and temporarily moving it elsewhere. Doing so will make the construction site a much safer place to be and will make the work easier and significantly reduce timeframes. You will want the dewatering process to take as brief an expanse of time as …

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Using Inflatable Cofferdams for Bridge Demolition

Low angle of an old bridge over an almost dry river in rural Mississippi.

One of the most difficult types of construction project there can be is a project that is in a source of water. Construction in water is notoriously difficult and dangerous, yet it is necessary. The US simply could not function if there was no other way to cross expanses of water than ferries, and the …

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