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Cofferdam Manufacturer Award

Cofferdam Manufacturer Award

Cofferdam Manufacturer Wins Most Innovative Product Award for Portable, Water-filled Dams

Cofferdams are probably not a frequent topic of conversation in most circles, unless you work for a company that has dedicated its entire existence to developing eco-friendly water control solutions. That dedication paid off for Dam-It Dams when the company received the “2013 Most Innovative Product MIP Award” at the annual World of Concrete Convention held this year in Las Vegas.

The MIP Award Program is sponsored by Hanley Wood, LLC – the premier media, information, and marketing services company serving the residential, commercial design, and construction industries. The Program gives attendees and audiences at the convention a chance to vote for the products they consider to be the most innovative. A panel of industry experts then review and select the MIP Award winners.

For the second year in a row, Grand Blanc-based Dam-It Dams, Inc. won the prestigious MIP Award in the General Tools & Equipment category. The company’s portable water-filled cofferdam systems were an “Industry Choice Winner” this year and an “Editor’s Choice Winner” in 2012.Most innovative Product Winner – Dam-It Dams!

“This is a real honor for us, especially winning last year and again this year” said Jack Nichols, President of Dam-It Dams. “We’ve traveled around the country and the world to implement the best solution for each challenge. To be recognized by our customers and our colleagues in this way is really special.”

Since 1928, Dam-It Dams has been an innovator in cofferdams. First used in 1736, most of todays cofferdams are typically conventional embankment dams of both earth-fill and rock-fill.

Dam-It Dams’ patented portable cofferdams, on the other hand, use on-site water to manage, move, dam, or divert water with minimal or no impact on the environment. The Company’s wide selection of various types of cofferdams offers a cost effective and highly adaptable solution for virtually every contractor’s need.

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Most innovative product winner - cofferdams
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Most innovative Product Winner – Dam-It Dams!
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