Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Humanitarian Effort in Kurdistan

Humanitarian Effort in Kurdistan


12 October 2012 MISSION, TEXAS

Blackstar Group Special Response Team (BSG SRT) departed from Mission, TX on October 12th to Kurdistan, North Iraq to assist in Syrian refugee assessment for disaster aid. The current conflict in Syria is becoming a humanitarian crisis for basic life support necessities, such as: shelter, water, food, and education.

The efforts are a joint cooperation supported by various private and charity organizations to help fund this assessment. The BSG SRT Team is transporting water filters donated to DAUS/UK by Sawyer to address water purification in the refugee camp/displaces persons operations.

In addition to water filter donation, Dam-It Dams donated the airline costs and insurance for the assessment team. Divinity Home Health covered the expenses for the additional baggage costs.

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