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Response to the Oil Spill

Response to the Oil Spill

Damit Dams cofferdam oil spill



An Emergency Response Team (ERT) from Blackstar Group and Dam-It Dams met with and had supportive discussions with a variety of Gulf Coast leadership on Friday, 11 June 2010 including Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Alabama Governor Bob Riley, Pensacola Mayor Mike Wiggins, Gulf Breeze City Manager Edwin Eddy, Santa Rosa Island Authority Executive Director W.A. “Buck” Lee, Pensacola Travel Bureau Director Ed Schroeder and Fire Chiefs Mark Clark and Mike Aaron. Mayor Wiggins referred the ERT to the Engineering consultants at his Emergency Operations Center. City Manager Eddy commented on several sensitive wetland areas that needed protection and added that Florida DEP approval needed for any coffer dam deployment. Both Fire Chiefs were very supportive of our efforts to protect sensitive wetlands and resort beaches in the Pensacola/Gulf Breeze area, even though they are not directly involved in the Deep Water Horizon cleanup efforts. Warrington Fire Chief Aaron gave the ERT clearance to stage materials at his facility for a Dam-It Dams demonstration and possible deployment.

Dam-It Dams senior management, in cooperation with Blackstar Group’s Civil Military Coordination/Cooperation Section, understands the process for mobilization and has provided information on their system into the online Products/Services Information Sheet. However, due to the dynamic nature of the Deep Water Horizon Response, a decision was made by Dam-It Dams leadership to arrive on-site and offer solutions and services to accelerate the containment effort. Dam-It Dams and Blackstar Group offer the Unified Command and BP a “Force Multiplier” to help with the basic incident priorities of Life Saving, Incident Stabilization, and Preservation of Property.

The Dam-It Dams cofferdam can be extended to any length necessary. Using their unique extension coupling system, individual dams are easily linked together to create a watertight chained barrier. Extremely durable, once inflated you will be able to walk on the cofferdam easily when adding on extensions.

The cofferdam is flexible and easy to install, steer or turn precisely where you need it. When the cofferdam  is properly placed and filled to specifications, you can begin your project by pumping water from the side that needs to be dewatered, whether for marshland/habitat protection, beach area protection, containment/clean up zones, etc.

For more information and the opportunity to meet the Emergency Response Team, please contact Lee Elsey at (313) 886-6761 or email at response@blackstargroupus.com

(Release authorized by Dam-It Dams and Blackstar Group PAO.)

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