Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Ceco Pipeline Services

Ceco Pipeline Services

Ceco Pipeline Services

Grant Scott

Project Manager

Ceco Pipeline was hired to install a new pipeline on the edge of Arcadia Lake in Edmond, OK. Ceco’s client was Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Company.

The new pipeline was installed 8’ below ground. The working area was about 200’ by 80’ water depth ranged from 3’ to 4’. To remove the lake water from the work site, Ceco’s crew used cofferdams made by Dam-It Dams of Grand Blanc, MI.

The biggest challenge on the project was keeping the lake water pumped out. Because the crew was working below the water table, they had to put a trench box around the pipe because the soil caves in and water seeps back up from below.

Asked if the Dam-It Dams performed as expected, the Project Manager said, “Absolutely. It’s an excellent product. It’s a lot more secure than an earthen dam.” He added, “It’s environmentally friendly. You don’t leave any footprint after you’re finished.” Compared to using the Dam-It Dams cofferdam, he noted, “An earthen dam takes longer. You’re at the mercy of the dirt contractor and when he can deliver the dirt.” He further noted, “Percentage-wise, you probably get a 60% to 70% savings in dollars and many hours of labor. And that’s including the cost of the cofferdam.”

“The Army Corps of Engineers said the job couldn’t be done, but we did it,” said Grant Scott of Ceco.

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