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Cofferdam Rental

Cofferdam Rental

 Cofferdam Rental

Some circumstances, such as frequent flooding, may require the outright purchase of a cofferdam. Other times,  cofferdam rental  is the logical step when this product is required. Take into consideration the following in order to know which camp you fall in:

  • How big is the project?
  • Will I need a cofferdam for a prolonged period of time?
  • What type of project is this?
  • What kind of budget am I working with?

It is essential for the safety of the community and its residents to make sure their cofferdams are reliable, which means doing the necessary research.

Portable Cofferdam on a job site

Why Choose a  Cofferdam Rental

By choosing a cofferdam, you are making sure that your work site, and its contents, will remain dry and protected from the threat of becoming overwhelmed with water. For dewatering, damming, and diversion, a  cofferdam rental  from Dam-It Dams is the solution that you’re looking for. The services and products our company can provide you, ensure that you are able to complete your work or project without the risk of saturating and ruining your materials.

Type of Projects

The use of a  cofferdam  is essential for completion of a boat ramp project, concrete repairs and installations to a bridge, diversion pipes, canals, culverts, dredging, and intake.If you want to make a pipeline construction, to complete a river crossing or do sediment control, you cannot complete the task without a cofferdam. If your crew specializes in shoreline restoration or the creation of new utility lines, there is no doubt you will need a  cofferdam rental . Even when you want to complete pool maintenance, you may find a need for a cofferdam.

Why Choose a Cofferdam

This portable dam is ideal for all the different tasks that will require water diversion or damming. Dam-It Dams offers light-weight, portable, expandable cofferdams as an effectual alternative to sandbags, either through purchase or  cofferdam rental .

While pumps and sandbags have been used in the past to accomplish this task, there are risks associated and flaws discovered by construction crews, and a temporary cofferdam answers and solves those issues eloquently.

How a Cofferdam Actually Works

An inflatable cofferdam is simple to set up and easily made expandable depending on the task at hand. The cofferdam is delivered to the work site where it’s laid out in its proper location for the tubes to suck on-site water to inflate the dam slowly and evenly. Once the dam is full, it will rest firmly against the ground, causing a tight seal and preventing the water to pass the barrier. When the project reaches completion, the  cofferdam is easily deflated and stored for future use or returned. It’s effortless and highly effective.

The Baffle System

As you can imagine, the cofferdam will not be able to withstand any amount of water without a proper baffle system. This is why new cofferdams are using a strong and powerful baffle system that is able to lock it into place. This will make your  cofferdam rental  work to its fullest potential locking out the water from your work site.

The Free Part

In order for the barrier to be correctly installed, you need to follow certain instructions. The freeboard is essential, and it describes the amount of barrier that will remain above the water level. In this case, you should know that you must have a freeboard of at least 25%.

The Surface Friction

Your  cofferdam rental  will also require a surface friction to prevent the barrier from sliding when exposed to uneven water pressure. This will have to be considered efficiency and service of the product.

Reusable Barrier

Say goodbye to single-used barriers like sandbags, which absorb the offending water, bacteria and all, because Dam-It Dams’ cofferdams are specially designed to be reusable in the future and stored until needed. And unlike sandbags, our reusable  cofferdam is made of a durable geo-textile material, making it puncture-resistant and able to withstand extreme water pressure.

The Professional Opinion

Before you can complete a  cofferdam rental , you have to make sure that this is the best solution for your installation or maintenance needs. For this reason, you can always acquire the help of a specialist. This way you can be sure that you made the right choice for your field of work.

Explain to the professional your specific needs and let them know the details of the job, even if they may not seem important because even the little things might be important. This will help you do your job on a whole other level, without having to worry about uneven water pressure to your barriers and the chances for your barrier to slide.

How to Properly Install the Barrier

When you want to place a  cofferdam rental , this doesn’t mean that you have to do everything on your own. Once you book the rental, a professional crew will be with you to help you out. The experienced professionals will help you better understand how to properly install the barrier. Every step of the way you will have all the help that you need.

Two Ways of Installation

These barriers can be installed in two different ways. You can install the cofferdam exactly where the moving water exists for maximum support. The alternative way is to install it in the spot that your crew can walk through the static water (water with no disturbances). Either way, the crew will help you properly place and install it and make sure your job will be completed correctly.

Before you complete your  cofferdam rental , there are some additional things you should keep in mind. First of all, you must be aware that if you want to install the barrier over moving water, you will need an anchor. The shoreline anchor will ensure that the cofferdam will not float away in the middle of your assignment.

Secondly, if the installation will be done on static water, then all you have to do is have your crew unfold exactly where you want it to be. This is the best and easiest task when you have to install a barrier for your job.

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