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The aging and dilapidated infrastructure of our nation’s bridges and roads, particularly those in colder climate areas where water turns to ice and creates cracks and potholes in frequently traveled roadways, has led to a tremendous increase in the number of needed repairs and/or complete replacements. When these areas are not properly tended to, the problems tend to get much worse and create dangerous driving conditions, not to mention cause excessive wear on your vehicles suspension. When it comes to bridge or road construction, the use of a cofferdam is undeniable, and a portable cofferdam from Dam-It Dams is the ideal solution to provide you with an effective tool in order to get your job done right and safely for blocking or diverting water and/or de-watering an area.

Bridge Repair Location: Sharon Mills County Park Manchester, MI

Cofferdam Size: 12′ high x 50′ long
Water Depth: 10′
Installation Time: 5 hours

Project Description: Repair the water intake gate for the Henry Ford Historical Mill.


Bridge Repair Location: Lakeside, MI

Cofferdam Size: 8′ high x 200′ long
Water Depth: 6′
Installation Time: 6.5 hours

Project Description: Dewater the work site to allow demolition of an existing bridge and construction of a new one.


Bridge Repair Location: Acton, MA

Cofferdam Size: 8′ high x 200′ long
Water Depth: 6′
Installation Time: 7 hours

Project Description: A Dam-It Dams cofferdam was used for dewatering the work site. The contractor needed a dry environment for extending the existing bridge.


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