Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Canal Repairs Using Cofferdams

Canal Repairs Using Cofferdams

When performing tasks as hefty as canal repairs, having a dry work environment is an absolute MUST. Canals containing large quantities of water need that water to be held safely and securely at bay in order to ensure the safety of you and your crew as you move forward to complete the task at hand. With Dam-It Dams portable and expandable water-inflated barriers, you can rest easier knowing that, not only is your project area safe to work on, but it’s also going to get done on time and on budget! Installation time will vary depending on the size of the project and the depth and current of the water.

Below are a few projects that Dam-It Dams has been able to supply our cofferdam systems to where our services were vital in the quality and safety of the completion.

Water Filled Cofferdam Canals 5

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Location: United Arab Emirates, Dubai Cofferdam Sizes: 8′ high x 50′ long Water Depth: 5′ Installation Time: 3 hours Project Description: A Dam-It Dams cofferdam was used to block water in a canal to allow the contractor to extend the water fountain in the retention pond. Canals Holding back water to allow a project to […]Read more

Affordable Water Filled Cofferdam 16

Lakehurst, IL

Location: Lakehurst,IL Cofferdam Sizes: 6′ high x 225′ long Water Depth: 4′ Installation Time: 6.5 hours Project Description: Gas main repair Canals Holding back water to allow a project to proceed is greatly facilitated by the use of portable cofferdams. Dam-It Dams has a wide range of cofferdams to accommodate virtually every project need. They […]Read more

Affordable Water Filled Cofferdam 8

New Orleans, LA

Location: New Orleans, LA Cofferdam Sizes: one 10′ high x 75′ long and one 12′ high x 75′ long Water Depth: 6′ and 10′ Installation Time: 4.5 hours per dam Project Description: Dredge cement canal upstream of water cooling tower. Canals Holding back water to allow a project to proceed is greatly facilitated by the […]Read more

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