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Cofferdams for Dredging

dredging using a cofferdamDredging is the activity of excavation underwater in order to gather sediments or sand for beaches that’ve suffered erosion. It is also a technique used to allow for widening of a waterway, which is essential in some cases for purposes of navigation. But Increasing the channels depth also increases the capacity to carry water and prevent flooding on land in the future.

When dredging is needed, cofferdams are a must. In order to get to the base of the underwater earth, the surrounding water will need to be controlled by being held back in order to allow work to proceed safely. This is where Dam-It Dams comes in.

Properly sized and positioned cofferdams provide an excellent temporary water barrier to allow easier and more efficient dredging of smaller waterways such as canals, ponds, rivers, and boat access sites. Dam-It Dams has readily available cofferdams in a wide range of sizes to accommodate virtually every type of project.


Houghton Lake, MI

Location: Houghton Lake, MI Cofferdam Size: 8' high x 150' long. Water Depth: 6' Installation Time: 4.5 hours Project Description: Remove bottom sediment to deepen canal for improved boat access. Cofferdam Dredging The dredging process can be greatly expedited with…

Richmond, VA

Location: Richmond, VA Dam Size: 8' high x 200' long Water Depth: 6' Installation Time: 5.5 hours Project Description: Deepen channel to allow installation of new boat slips in marina. Cofferdam Dredging Properly sized and positioned cofferdams provide an excellent…

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