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Home Flood Protection Barriers

Home Flood Protection Barriers

The Best Way to Protect Your Home

Home flood protection barriers are becoming increasingly important to protect your home from rising water. Due to the massive aftermath of 2017 hurricane season in tandem with the much debated issue of global warming (or greenhouse effects), many have found their neighborhoods submerged in devastating levels of flood water. Flooding is considered to be one of the most common and expensive natural disaster in the United States.

The erosion of buildings due to alarmingly high numbers flooding events have become more prevalent and, with this in mind, effective  home flood protection barriers are needed.

If the proper actions aren’t taken, you run the risk of, not only damaged and destroyed infrastructure, but also irreparable ruin to the possessions inside the home; Any items not lost to the flood stand a chance of developing mold that is soon to follow.

After the flood, you face the painstaking task of tearing down walls, replacing soaked insulation, ripping out flooring, and replacing your entire electrical system. If you want to avoid the hassles associated with floods, now’s the time to look into getting home flood protection barriers.

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Avoid Flood Damage

The best way to avoid water damage is to stay above the water level. The elevation of the property is the only margin of safety when it comes to floods. Once the water reaches the level of your floor, there will be significant damage, even with so little as an inch of pooled water.

Building a home at a high elevation, though a preferable choice, doesn’t make the home “flood-proof”. Even located on a hill or on columns, there is a chance of future flooding, which is what makes it so important to protect your property from future disasters.

Limitations of Flood Insurance

The National Flood Insurance Program, created by Congress in 1968, allows homeowners, business owners, and renters to purchase a federally backed insurance program. As a home or business owner, you are responsible for the protection of your own property and belongings against the risk of flood damage.

While the efforts are commendable, you cannot rely on flood insurance exclusively because there are limitations on the overall coverage; You can only insure up to X amount, depending on multiple variables. For properties above the individual cap, owners have to seek alternative flood protection. The flood insurance provided by the federal government won’t cover all personal property. You are not compensated for finding alternative housing, lost income, and damage to vehicles and assets located outside the building.

Types of  Flood Barriers to Consider

To put things in perspective and find the solution that best fits your needs and budget, we will now list off some of the most common  home flood protection barrier options, the positives and the limitations of the products.

  • Sandbags

While affordable at first glance and widely-known, sandbags require constant monitoring and installation which is both labor-intensive and time-consuming. They, sadly, do not offer a water-tight seal and only minimally reduce the potential damage. Additionally, you must keep in mind that you must dispose of saturated sandbags, making them a single-use product, not to mention the potential of exposing oneself to the toxins and bacteria that could potentially be riddled in the wet sand.

  • Earth-Made Barriers

Levees and berms consist of compacted earth matter such as clay and rocks, which makes it a definite eco-friendly alternative. Often, the proper amount of needed earth material is not readily available, which adds cost for import to site. They need the excavation of trenches around your property and filling it with clay to form a raised barrier. Creating levees is excessive in cost since you require heavy machinery, engineers, and you can disrupt utility lines underground.

  • Floodwalls

Made of concrete, these solid and dependable structures can be built as high as 20 feet, are more resistant to erosion than levees, but cost an exorbitant amount of money, require licensed engineers for installation, and require a large amount of space. Regular maintenance is required in order to elongate the service life to the structure, which can be an “eye-sore”, as it was not a part of the buildings original design.

How Cofferdams Are The Solution

Dam-It Dams offers an innovative, practical, and highly efficient alternative for  home flood protection barrier  solutions- the on-site water-filled cofferdam, which has proven to be the sturdiest and most dependable barrier to-date. Easy to set up with a limited workforce, the cofferdam is the perfect solution for flood emergencies. It is a durable lifetime investment and a security for the hard years ahead. After the flood, you just wash it and store it for future use.

This  home flood protection barrier  can provide impervious protection against high water levels and has a geo-textile material which can withstand tremendous pressures to keep your homes structures integrity and its contents safe from the danger of rising water levels.

When Dam-It Dams cofferdam is deployed, it can improve the effectiveness of other  home flood protection barriers , such as wood and stone flood walls, in both large framework building and simple framed homes.

Why Invest In a Cofferdam?

Grand Blanc-based Dam-It Dams, Inc., the manufacturer of the home flood protection barriers, has won innovative product awards for their portable on-site water-filled dams. When you buy our cofferdam, you are investing in the future; the future of your homes increased safety from flood damage as well as the future of our durable products.

Why Opt for Temporary  Flood Barriers for Homes?

  • Ease of Installation

The company brings the cofferdam(s) to where you need to repel rising water. The tubes will suck on-site water to inflate the dam slowly and evenly. Once the dam is full, it will rest firmly against the ground and then repel any water penetration. The main advantage is that the cofferdams leave little or no footprint, which eliminates the concerns of altering the aesthetic appearance of your property.

  • Ease of Removal

Temporary  flood barriers are easy to remove when the area is no longer at risk. Our cofferdams, in particular, are deflated after the flood recedes. Once the barrier is removed, it leaves little to no footprint on the surroundings. Its portability and light-weight design means storing it is easy and if you move, you’re not abandoning your investment, because you can bring it with you.

  • Adaptable to Landscape

Our cofferdams are available in a variety of designs. So, they can conform to a wide variety of property designs. If you have a wide area that you need to protect, Dam-it Dams  flood barriers for homes  are expandable to any length. The company will easily link them to cover an area. In terms of other dimensions, the dams are available in 1’ to 12’ in height, 2’ to 23’ in widths.

  • Do-It-Yourself

There’s no need to hire outside constructors or additional assistance in order to set up or remove this product, due to its light-weight and portable nature.

  • Durability

Moreover, these barriers are made of industrial strength geo-textile materials that can endure treacherous climatic conditions and are puncture-resistant, and able to withstand tremendous levels of water pressure.

Protecting your property from massive flood damage requires choosing the right  flood barrier for home  and the best provider of flood barriers. This, in-of-itself, can be extremely stressful, but with Dam-it Dams, you’ve found the most reliable provider of cofferdams. Our company has extensive experience in providing one-of-a-kind cofferdam technology that is unbeatable on the market. They are affordable, expandable, portable, adaptable, and durable. Our services range from a complete installation to sales and rentals. You do not have to rely on the workforce the company provides, you can employ your own workforce to install it because our  flood barriers for homes  are just that simple!

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