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Location: Ft. Wayne, IN

Cofferdam Sizes: Two 8′ high x 200′ long with a 8′ high x 150′ long backup

Water Depth: 6′

Project Description: Dam a sediment pond to install seawall support.

Cofferdams for Sewage Treatment Plants

Preventing potentially toxic substances from entering clean water is the foremost priority of project managers. Sewage treatment, or wastewater treatment, plants remove contaminants from wastewater by means of physical, chemical, and biological processes. This is where our 3-D’s (Damming, Dewatering, and Diversion) come in to play!

By damming or diverting the flow of wastewater, the plant can then focus on the task-at-hand of purification without having to worry about the stability of the cofferdam they’re using, because our cofferdams are made of industrial strength geo-textile woven polypropylene materials that can withstand tremendous water pressure. They are puncture resistant and sturdy, not to mention easy to use, expandable, and portable.

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