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Temporary Flood Barriers and Flood Walls

Temporary Flood Barriers and Flood Walls

Do You Need Home Flood Protection?

Protecting your home from flooding can be a huge cost saving measure for you and your family. Installing permanent flood barriers can be extremely costly, and not to mention ugly. Temporary barriers are often a better solution because they are more economical, and don’t leave a permanent mark on your property. Temporary flood barriers are used to reduce or to avoid flooding. These flood barriers are typically set up before the flood, and removed after the flood threat is over.

Types of Temporary Flood Protection

The most common types of flood protection are sand-filled, and water-filled. For centuries, sand bags and man-made earthen barriers were used to hold back sudden increases in water levels that threaten homes and buildings. Unfortunately, these types of water barriers are time consuming, labor intensive and prone to failure, whereas a water filled cofferdam provides a completely water-tight barrier against flood water. Also, unlike the demount-able types, our flood protection barriers can be removed without a trace once the flood threat has dissipated.

Cofferdam protecting a nature center

Cofferdams for Temporary Flood Walls

Experts agree that cofferdams are the best solution for flood control. The preferred choice for temporary flood protection is Dam-It Dams because they are adaptable, readily available and easily transportable. In addition, our cofferdams can be arranged in any configuration, from square and rectangular, to round or triangular. When the flood waters recede, the dams are removed, and leave little or no footprint on the environment. Dam-It Dams offer an incredibly stable, yet cost effective solution to provide a temporary flood barrier. A Dam-it Dams cofferdam uses pumps to fill itself with on-site water. As the temporary barrier (cofferdam) fills, the dam anchors itself to the ground using the weight of the on-site water and provides the stability necessary to stop the flow of water.

Reducing Environmental Imprint using Flood Walls

When using temporary flood walls, it is not necessary to install permanent fixtures or to destroy your land to protect it. Because our dams use the on-site water, they leave little or no environmental impact. Dam-it Dams water filled flood barriers are designed to work in a non-invasive, temporary way. Therefore, our dams provide a temporary flood barrier without leaving a permanent footprint on the environment. Our dams are also even re-usable, further lowering our carbon footprint.

The general process of using our water filled cofferdams is outlined in this video:

YouTube video

Check out this gallery of our flood barrier being used around a nature center:

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Cofferdam protecting a nature center
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