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Flood Control Barriers – Water Filled Barriers

Flood Control Barriers – Water Filled Barriers

Water and Flood Control Barriers Using Cofferdams

Since ancient times sandbag water barriers and constructed dams have aided in retaining and managing water from rivers, lakes, streams, ponds and flooding. Unfortunately, these temporary dams took a lot of time to build, were prone to failure and oftentimes were unreliable. In recent years however, levees and water filled portable cofferdams have used new technology that dramatically reduces construction time and increases sustainability. These advanced damming systems are now available for commercial and residential use by Dam-It-Dams, and are also referred to in the industry as:

  • Aqua Dams or Water Dams
  • Inflatable Water Dams
  • Water Tubing Dams or Water Filled Dams
  • Temporary (or Permanent) Water Dams for Flooding
  • Flood Control Dams for Natural Disasters
  • Cofferdams AKA Portable Cofferdams
  • Water Filled Cofferdams or Temporary Cofferdams
Portable Cofferdam in Las Vegas

These new technology water filled cofferdams now provide more control and more permanent protection for areas subject to recurring flooding and other water management needs. With the aid from experienced and trusted dam experts such as Dam-It-Dams; these customized damming systems can be easily set up, easily moved and adjusted. In addition, they can oftentimes be quickly installed in less than a day, and in certain cases just a few hours.A cofferdam (also coffer dam) is a temporary enclosure in or around a body of water that is constructed to allow dewatering, diversion or damming of a targeted area. In connection with floods, cofferdams prevent water from crossing established/safety thresholds.

Dam-It Dams, Inc. and other modern cofferdam manufacturers use on-site water to fill dual inner tubes that cause the dam’s chambers to slowly and evenly inflate, forming a strong, stable cylindrical tube. As the inner tubes continue to fill and the water pressure builds, the dam unrolls in a controlled manner to create the cofferdam.

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Cofferdam for Flood Prevention

Why Are Cofferdams Your Best Choice for Flood Control?

Most experts agree cofferdams are the best solution for flood control; and Dam-It Dams’ cofferdams are superior for the following reasons:

  • Adaptability– They conform to virtually every type of landscape and weather condition.
  • Affordability– They are less labor intensive than traditional sand bags, use on-site water and are reusable
  • Availability– You can select from heights of 1′ to 12′, widths of 2′ to 23′ and unlimited lengths
  • Durability– Dam-It Dams’ cofferdams are made of industrial strength geo-textile woven polypropylene materials that can withstand tremendous water pressure are puncture resistant. Workers can walk on them during installation and removal without fear of damage.
  • Expandability– Multiple cofferdams can be connected as needed to form any length barrier.
  • Portability– They go anywhere and are easy to transport. We can provide immediate and convenient delivery to your project site.
  • Responsibility– Dam-It Dams’ cofferdams work with Mother Nature, not against her, to create effective water barriers that leave no- or only a minimal- footprint on the environment.

The choice is clear… and it’s yours to make.

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For more information about Dam-It Dams’ cofferdams and their applications, go to damitdams.com.

Flood protection - a cofferdam guarding a building
Water Filled Dam Protecting Building
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