Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Commercial Flood Protection

Commercial Flood Protection

Flood Protection for your Business

Dam-it Dams inc. offers temporary commercial flood protection in the form of our water filled coffer dams. Our coffer dams can be suited to most sizes, and will protect your business in the event of a flood or rising water. A Dam-it Dams cofferdam can be set up around the perimeter of your building to ensure that rising waters do not penetrate the structure. A rolled up cofferdam is transferred to the work site, then two pumps are set up using on site water to fill dual inner tubes. These inner tubes cause the dam’s chambers to slowly and evenly inflate, forming a strong, stable cylindrical tube. As the inner tubes continue to fill and the water pressure builds, the dam unrolls in a controlled manner to create the portable cofferdam.

Cofferdam protecting a nature center

Why use a Temporary Flood Protection Barrier?

Our coffer dams provide a flexible yet durable water barrier made of technologically advanced materials. Our cofferdams are economic, effective, and leave little to no environmental footprint. The best part, is that our cofferdams are also re-usable. This way, there is no need to install permanent fixtures for what may only be a temporary problem. Our dams can protect your business from huge repair costs and even the possible destruction of your business.

Extensible Flood Barriers

Using the available extension coupling system, individual dams may be easily linked together to create a watertight barrier that can accommodate a wide range of size requirements. Our cofferdams are often used in construction as well. Contractors find our layout easy to adapt. Our Cofferdams can be molded perfectly to fit a lake bed, river bed, watershed or any other type of physical setting. For the purpose of commercial flood protection, a water filled cofferdam provides an excellent temporary solution to the problems associated with flood waters, and can be removed after the flood threat has dissipated. After the dam is filled, the structure is stable enough that it can be walked on, which enables people to get around near the dam site.

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