Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Floods hitting the Central US 5-6-2017

Floods hitting the Central US 5-6-2017

Floods Devastate the Central United States

Northwest Arkansas and Missouri have been hit with heavy flooding this last week, and are expected to get even more rain. The rain water caused the rivers to swell and pushed over the levees. Missouri has been the hardest hit, with flood waters rising above some bridges and causing many homes and businesses to be under water. Parts of the Mississippi river has had traffic halted due to the rising waters and swift current. In Arkansas, US Highway 63 has been shut down due to flood waters breaching the levees in Lawrence County. Many citizens in Missouri and Arkansas have been urged to leave their homes in order to stay safe. Southern as well as central Illinois are expected to be hit next, and crews have already begun sandbagging in preparation for the potential flooding.

A highway in Pocohontas AR, flooded.

So far there have been 7 deaths in AR and 5 deaths in MO due to the flooding. Many residents are attempting to fortify their homes using sandbags. The floods have even reached the St. Louis area. The Mississippi River is projected to reach 48.5 feet, just shy of its previous record of  48.9 feet, and will likely cause problems in southern and eastern Illinois.

A levee gives way in Pocohontas AR.
Homes under water in Fenton, MO
Commercial flood protection: a Dam-it Dams cofferdam provides a water tight barrier around a nature center.

Dam-it Dams offers water filled cofferdams, which can be used in these situations to help protect your homes and business by creating a water tight barrier around buildings or property. If you are worried about, or planning on experiencing any flooding, give us a call today to see how we can help, 1-810-695-1695.

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