Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Portable Dam

Richmond, VA

Water Filled Cofferdam Dredging

Location: Richmond, VA Dam Size: 8′ high x 200′ long Water Depth: 6′ Installation Time: 5.5 hours Project Description: Deepen channel to allow installation of new boat slips in marina. Cofferdam Dredging Properly sized and positioned cofferdams provide an excellent temporary water barrier to allow easier and more efficient dredging of smaller waterways such as …

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Lakehurst, IL

Affordable Water Filled Cofferdam 16

Location: Lakehurst,IL Cofferdam Sizes: 6′ high x 225′ long Water Depth: 4′ Installation Time: 6.5 hours Project Description: Gas main repair Canals Holding back water to allow a project to proceed is greatly facilitated by the use of portable cofferdams. Dam-It Dams has a wide range of cofferdams to accommodate virtually every project need. They …

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New Orleans, LA

Affordable Water Filled Cofferdam 8

Location: New Orleans, LA Cofferdam Sizes: one 10′ high x 75′ long and one 12′ high x 75′ long Water Depth: 6′ and 10′ Installation Time: 4.5 hours per dam Project Description: Dredge cement canal upstream of water cooling tower. Canals Holding back water to allow a project to proceed is greatly facilitated by the …

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Lake Vermillion, MN

Boat Ramp Repair Water Structure 5

Location: Lake Vermillion, MNCofferdam Size: 6′ high x 260′ longWater Depth: 4′Installation Time: 6 hours Project Description: Dam-It Dams provided a temporary water-filled cofferdam that was needed by the Minnesota DNR to construct a new boat ramp that would allow access by its seaplane to Lake Vermillion. Boat Ramp Installation or Repair The installation or …

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Manchester, Mi

Bridge Repair Water FIlled Cofferdams 14

Location: Sharon Mills County Park Manchester, MI Cofferdam Size: 12′ high x 50′ long Water Depth: 10′ Installation Time: 5 hours Project Description: Repair the water intake gate for the Henry Ford Historical Mill. Bridge Repairs The aging infrastructure of our Nation’s bridges and roads has led to a tremendous increase in the number of …

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