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Temporary Cofferdam Cost

Temporary Cofferdam Cost

Temporary Cofferdam Cost

Temporary cofferdams are essential for many construction companies and service workers and for personal or infrastructure protection against flooding. However, with the wide range of potential damming options, choosing between investing in a temporary cofferdam or retaining the old traditional methods can take time. So, what makes the cost of a temporary cofferdam worth it? Read on below to find out what you get for the price of an inflatable cofferdam and how they bring hidden value in every situation.

What You Get For The Cost of a Temporary Cofferdam

Temporary cofferdams differ from traditional damming systems as they come already assembled and ready to deploy right out of the gate. Unlike sandbags, concrete barriers, and other damming options, an inflatable cofferdam is fully prepared to go from day one and requires a crew as small as three to five to set up.

Made from a durable and flexible geotextile material, every temporary cofferdam sold by Dam-It-Dams is tough and puncture-resistant. So long as they are maintained and appropriately stored, you can expect your inflatable cofferdam to be useful for numerous job sites or flooding events. Moreover, once set up, they require very little attention to be paid to them until your work is done. Thanks to the internal baffle system, they are self-stabilizing and can function in various depths. Therefore, you end up [ with a safe and dry worksite without adding even more work through the hassle of building and maintaining other types of temporary damming methods.

Finally, you get support from the beginning when you obtain a cofferdam through Dam-It-Dams. Before you purchase a temporary cofferdam, we will provide a free consultation appointment to help you find the size and use cases for your temporary cofferdam. With decades of experience in the construction and cofferdam industry, there is no one you can trust more than Dam-It-Dams and our team of professional temporary cofferdam experts.

Hidden Value In Temporary Cofferdams

Despite their design, you may wonder: what do inflatable cofferdams bring beyond being a quick deployment version of other damming options? Temporary Cofferdam Systems offers the following features that are absent from their closest competitors:

  • Money Saving Opportunities: Temporary cofferdams do not require the same level of labor and rare skill sets to create, saving you on time and personnel costs. Moreover, thanks to their eco-friendly design, they can be used in locations where specific and expensive permits would be otherwise required to protect ecosystems. This helps to keep temporary cofferdam costs much lower than other damming options.
  • Recyclable And Reusable: Inflatable cofferdams are constructed of a geotextile material that shares many properties with industrial plastics and petroleum-derived products. Therefore, they can be reused indefinitely, but at the end of their lifecycle, they can be recycled, lowering disposal costs and the ecological cost of wasteful products.
  • They Are Useful In A Wide Range Of Projects: The list of project types and scenarios in which temporary cofferdam systems have been used is vast and impossible to review in a single article. Thus, the unmatched versatility of temporary cofferdams allows you to accept any job with ease of mind. The most common construction works that benefit from inflatable cofferdams include Dredging, Bridge Repair and Construction, Pipeline Construction, Maintenance of Infrastructure, and General Flood Protection.

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As your humble experts in all things cofferdams, when you work with Dam-It-Dams, you know you are getting a quality product that saves you time and money in equal measures. For more information and to schedule your free temporary cofferdam consultation appointment, call us at 810-695-1695 or visit us online today!

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