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Temporary Cofferdams in South Carolina

Temporary Cofferdams in South Carolina

Temporary Cofferdams in South Carolina

Temporary cofferdams, also called inflatable or reusable cofferdams, are practical tools that can create a safe and dry environment for waterway construction or provide flood protection in vulnerable areas. South Carolina contractors and construction companies can benefit from an inflatable cofferdam as they are a reliable and versatile, ecologically friendly, cost-efficient, and effective damming solution. South Carolina residents and business owners can also benefit from temporary cofferdams to protect their homes or investments during flooding, like hurricanes and other emergencies.

What Is A Temporary Cofferdam System And How Does It Work?

When you need to create a temporary control system for water, be it river, lake, bay, flood waters, or otherwise, there is no better solution than a cofferdam. Useful for diverting, damming, or dewatering, these flexible dams can create a watertight barrier in depths ranging from a few inches to several feet. They are constructed of a geotextile material derived from petroleum products and contain internal baffle systems that distribute the water used to inflate them and automatically respond to changes in hydrostatic pressure. The design of inflatable cofferdams is core to their function in creating a weather-resistant and safe barrier that can protect your home or worksite and create a dry environment for construction work or ecological restoration efforts.

What Goes Into The Cost Of Temporary Cofferdams

The cost of a temporary cofferdam relies on several factors and can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending upon the scale and scope of your damming needs. Obviously, cofferdams, which will be required to operate in deeper waters, will be more expensive than one used to provide a few inches of protection around a small house or property. Therefore, some of the primary things to keep in mind when weighing the cost of an inflatable cofferdam include:

Length Of Use: When you shop with Dam-It-Dams, you can rent a temporary cofferdam if you’re using it for just a few days or weeks, but if you need one for a few months and plan to move it around to various locations, then buying them outright is often the right move. Moreover, when you purchase a temporary cofferdam, it is essential to note that to get the most out of your purchase, you may need to provide disposable coverings to protect the exterior from sun exposure, which can weaken the material.

Cost Savings: Thanks to their quick deployment and cleanup, a temporary cofferdam can save you money in the long run, saving you money on personnel to set them up and potential permits or fees for blocking waterways.

Changing Water Levels: Depending upon whether the waters you are blocking are still or flowing, you will need to make different considerations on cofferdam width and height, perhaps getting a larger dam for areas where water levels may fluctuate vs. those where the waters are relatively stable.

Uses For Temporary Cofferdams In South Carolina

There are a wide range of uses for temporary cofferdams. South Carolina residents and construction companies can find the most benefit in the following:

  • Dewatering of flooded areas
  • Bridge construction and repair
  • Boat ramp work
  • Dredging operations
  • Shoreline restoration
  • Any work on or near waterways

It is important to remember the above cases are just some of the uses for temporary cofferdams, and a wide range of other applications can suit any number of projects and emergency responses. To learn more, be sure to check out the articles on our blog or give us a call to speak with a professional cofferdam sales representative. We can be reached by phone at 810-695-1695.

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