Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Dam-it Dams Cofferdam System

Dam-it Dams Cofferdam System

Buy the best cofferdam for your project

A Dam-it Dams cofferdam product is the best choice when it comes to temporary water barriers. Our cofferdam product is adaptable, re-usable, economical, and leaves almost no permanent footprint on the local environment. Our patented product offers of the following:

Product Information

  • Inner dual tubes act as a stabilizer to keep the dam from rolling due to outside water pressure or other forces
  • Eight different heights ranging from 1 to 12 ft.
  • Pump water into the two fill tubes to slowly and evenly inflate
  • Extension coupling system links dams together to create a watertight, chained barrier

Why you should buy a Cofferdam from Dam-It Dams

Instead of using outdated sand bags and earthen fill DamitDams patented water filled cofferdams create an effective water barrier dam leaving only a minimal footprint on the environment. Because of their industrial strength and use of onsite water, our DamitDams Portable Dams Cofferdam System is reusable. There is no waste or harm to the land.

Buying our cofferdam means piece of mind

We work with Mother Nature – not against her. DamitDams has successfully worked with The US Army Corps of Engineers, The Department of Transportation and leading engineering firms throughout the United States and internationally to solve complex dewatering and water containment problems.

An investment in the future

With current worldwide weather and climate changes causing water to move unpredictably and a need for flood control the speed in which DamitDams can be installed make it indispensable for emergency situations.

Temporary Cofferdam Product Solution 17
Temporary Cofferdam Product Solution 16
Cofferdam Enviornmental Remediation 19
Cofferdam protecting a nature center
Temporary Cofferdam Product Solution 15
Water Filled Cofferdam Pipefitting 1
Temporary Cofferdam Product Solution 12
Temporary Cofferdam Product Solution 9
Temporary Cofferdam Product Solution 11
Temporary Cofferdam Product Solution 10
Cofferdam Construction 1
inflatable dam - an inflatable flood barrier being unrolled
Temporary Cofferdam Product Solution 5
Temporary Cofferdam Product Solution 6
A water-filled type of cofferdam is used to hold back water for a bridge repair
Water filled flood barriers
Dewatering fig. 2: A Cofferdam being used to repair a canal in the UAE
Dewatering fig. 2: A Cofferdam being used to repair a canal in the UAE
Cofferdam Applications
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