Cofferdam Applications

How Inflatable Cofferdams Can Protect You from Michigan Floods

View of Road Closed Sign on Flooded Michigan Street

You might think that Michigan doesn’t have to worry about floods. Nothing can be further from the truth. In 2013, the waters of the Grand Rapids River flooded with historic proportions and affected many homes and businesses. Then, a year later, Detroit found itself under floodwaters. In 2018, “catastrophic” flooding occurred along Michigan’s upper peninsula. …

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Prepare for Hurricane Season with Inflatable Cofferdams

Hurricane Background with Palm Trees with Text that reads "Hurricane Season, Inflatable Cofferdams to the Rescue".

Hurricane season runs from June through November every year. The U.S. seems to be the target of many of these destructive storms. As you might know, Florida, the Gulf Coast, and the East Coast are the most susceptible to seeing the damage that one of these storms can inflict. It is reported that up to …

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Construction Tips when Working near Water

Bridge Under Construction with Cranes

While a dry worksite is essential for many construction and repair projects, there are some cases where it is not feasible to cut off the water flow completely. Sometimes, a project requires you to completely block off the water for the duration of your project, while others need a diversion to keep the water flowing …

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Dam-It Dams: Why the U.S. has a Bridge Maintenance Problem

Crane Working on Repairing a Bridge

Nearly 40% of bridges in the United States need repair or preservation work. It’s not that the problem hasn’t gone entirely unnoticed, as a $500B infrastructure package was recently passed to combat aging structures, with bridges being some of the most neglected areas nationwide. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the health of our …

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Inflatable Cofferdams for Home Flood Protection

Flooded Home Aerial View

Both hurricanes and extreme rainstorms can present several problems for local communities. When weather authorities issue a flood warning, homeowners turn to sandbags or alternate flood control methods to prepare. Flash flooding in moderate to low-risk areas accounts for nearly 25% of flood insurance claims. For those who live near the coast, the amount of …

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