Cofferdam Applications

Why Contractors Choose Inflatable Cofferdams for Bridge Repair

People traveling, road trip on curvy road through beautiful countryside scenery in sunny summer

Bridge repair often presents some of the most unique and difficult challenges of most any construction project. Given that much of the work often has to be done on components that are submerged in water, one of the early decisions contractors have to make is how to create a safe and dry work area. While …

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The Many Benefits of Reusable Cofferdams

View of Water Inflated Cofferdam on River

There are options when a contractor or property manager is in need of a solution for dewatering a site. While the specific need or particulars around the job and site may dictate which solution makes the most sense, there is one option that tends to rise above the rest in every situation. Thanks to portable …

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Using Inflatable Cofferdams for Environmental Remediation

Oil spill. Environmental disaster.

The impact of humans upon nature is often detrimental. So that we maintain an environment that is beneficial to nature and therefore one that will sustain the human race for decades to come, it is important that any environmental damage we do be swiftly repaired. This is especially true when it comes to construction projects, …

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Inflatable Cofferdams – Why They’re Superior to Sandbags

Home in background with sandbags and water surrounding it.

Sandbags are the most common solution for water intrusion issues, but are they the best? Just because they are a ‘common’ solution does not mean there are no alternative solutions available. Many alternative solutions are also better solutions, such as inflatable cofferdams. We here at Dam-It-Dams are about to explain to you why inflatable cofferdams …

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Inflatable Cofferdams 101 – What is Dewatering?

Portable Cofferdam Used for Dewatering Area

You may have heard of the term ‘dewatering’ and wondered what, precisely it means. It is a general term for the removal of water? If you ‘detox’ you remove toxins from your body, or if you ‘declutter’ you remove clutter from your residence, so surely if you ‘dewater’ you remove water from where you don’t …

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