Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Cofferdam Applications

Mitigate Oil Spills with Inflatable Cofferdams

Man in Chemical Suit Checking Water Purity

Over the past fifty years, we have all, sadly, become accustomed to seeing the devastating footage of oil spills. Oil and water do not mix, and it will spread out as much as possible when it encounters a large water surface. Did you know that a patch of oil in water can be as thin …

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Why Inflatable Cofferdams are Better for the Environment than Sandbags

Sandbags with Do Not Sign

There are plenty of reasons why inflatable cofferdams are better for the environment than sandbags. For a start, inflatable cofferdams have only the tiniest impact on the local environment when used for water diversion, containment, or flood protection. No matter the application, inflatable cofferdams can easily be removed once used, unlike sandbags which take careful …

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Using Inflatable Cofferdams for Home Flood Protection

House on Life Raft

Whether you believe that climate change is real or not, or whether the current climate changes are manmade or entirely natural, it cannot be argued that the United States has witnessed a large number of extreme weather events over the past decade or so. Sadly, thousands of people have lost their homes due to the …

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Prevent Road Flooding with Inflatable Cofferdams

Overview of major road flooded with cars.

When roads flood, the damage created is almost incalculable. Not only is there the cost of repairing the roads and infrastructure once the flood waters have receded, but there is also the cost to businesses as vital supply lines are cut. Several areas in the US are prone to floodings, such as Alabama, Florida, and …

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Why DIY Cofferdams Are a Bad Idea

Men Throwing Sandbags at Construction

Cofferdams are temporary enclosures that are built within or across bodies of water. Water is pumped out of the temporary enclosure to create a dry working environment within. Such cofferdams are the standard dewatering solution for several projects, including repairing or constructing oil platforms, piers, bridges, and other support structures commonly built over or within …

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