Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Cofferdam Applications

Proactive Flood Management: The Role of Inflatable Cofferdams

Dam-it-dams Flood Management

Around the world, 1.8 billion people live in areas at risk of flooding. Floods are some of the most costly and dangerous natural disasters, killing thousands and causing billions of dollars in damages worldwide. With climate change increasing, it is expected that more people will live in flood zones and that floods will continue to …

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Revolutionizing Bridge Repair with Inflatable Cofferdams

Bridge Repair

Across the United States, infrastructure continues to make news. While a recent spending bill included 40 billion for infrastructure repair, it has been estimated that the total cost to repair backlogged infrastructure repairs is over 125 billion dollars. Bridge repair is a crucial part of this infrastructure bill and accounts for a large percentage of …

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Exploring the Versatility of Inflatable Cofferdams in Marine Construction

Water-Inflated Cofferdams

Marine construction jobs have added difficulties for crews working in normally underwater areas. Particular safety practices have to be implemented in the working environment, and environmental concerns are often present, not seen in construction projects on land. Whether you’re building a dock, putting in a boat ramp, or building a seawall, keeping the water out …

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Innovative Water Management for Sustainable Agriculture

Cows on Pasture with Water

Water management is often one of the costliest parts of any agricultural operation. Vital for agriculture’s success, water management strategies that maximize this precious resource pay for themselves over time and help ensure a bountiful harvest. At Dam-It-Dams, we understand the problems associated with watering crops, providing water for livestock, and protecting agricultural resources from …

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