Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Cofferdam Application

Cofferdam Application

Water filled cofferdams are a very versatile and cost effective solution to construction needs that involve the damming, diversion, or de-watering of a particular work site. Cofferdam applications are varied and include but are not limited to the following:

Bridge Repair

In this type of cofferdam application, the cofferdam is used to dam the area around a bridge in order to repair the structure

Boat Ramp Repair

A cofferdam can be used to surround a boat ramp and create a dry environment to allow for the ramp to be replaced or repaired.

Cofferdam Applications


Cofferdams can be used to dam or divert water in a canal, allowing for repair of the canal, as well as new feature addition or rebuild.

Cold Weather applications

Cold weather cofferdam applications can include dewatering to allow repairs of broken concrete, which often occurs as a result of frozen water creating cracks after having seeped into the concrete. Cold weather applications can also include damming for canal dredging, which allows better access to boats.


Cofferdams provide an excellent method to speed up the process of dredging.

Environmental remediation

Water filled dams are an incredibly efficient way to surround a possible oil spill for cleanup. The cofferdam creates a water tight barrier around the spill, which prevents further contamination.

Flood Protection

Cofferdams provide an excellent means for flood protection. They can be adapted to most required sizes, and will work to keep the water out where sandbags fail.


Cofferdams can be used to create a dry environment for pipeline repairs.

River Crossings

Cofferdams can be used to block the flow of water in a river in order to install new gas mains, spillways, as well as many other applications.

River Diversions

Occasionally, it may be necessary to divert river waters away from a specific part of the shoreline in order to perform repairs. Cofferdams can gently divert the water away without the need to dam the entire river.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Our cofferdams have been used to dam a sediment pond in order to install a seawall at a waste management installation.

Wetlands Preservation

In order to perform repairs on wetlands, extra care is necessary in order to preserve the lands and protect from any further damage. A water filled cofferdam is excellent for this application because it is temporary, and leaves little to no environmental footprint.

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