Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Cold Weather Applications for Cofferdam Systems

Cold Weather Applications for Cofferdam Systems

With all the versatile uses of cofferdam systems during wet spring months and flood season, it can’t be forgotten that snowy weather can also bring on the need for damming, diverting, or de-watering an area.

Particularly in northern snow-blanketed states, we know we go through cold snaps and warm winter days. With this, we experience melting and freezing and melting, etc. Once this snow and ice melts to slush and water, flooding of roads can frequently occur, and if there’s over-saturation outside, sometimes it can get inside.

Below are some instances of outside uses for our cofferdam systems, with more outdoor, as well as indoor uses of cofferdams, in the near future.
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