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Portable Cofferdam Systems

Portable Cofferdam Systems

Portable Cofferdam Systems

Portable cofferdam systems are used as an extremely effective temporary solution to provide dry working conditions for construction projects, water storage areas and flood protection solutions in a manner that saves both time and money.

Alternative cofferdam, water diversion, flood protection and water storage solutions are used but none are as effective as portable cofferdam systems in relation to cost, time and environmental factors. There are also several challenges to be met such as poor surface conditions, access to the site and logistical issues, all of which portable cofferdam systems can cope with easily.

Portable Cofferdam Systems Are The Most Effective Solution To Numerous Issues

Portable cofferdam systems are used in countless water related projects both internationally and in the US. Because portable cofferdam systems are portable and reusable, there is little impact made upon the local environment because of their use. Also, because the ground around portable cofferdam systems is not disturbed there is minimal chance of topsoil erosion and the impact that such erosion also has. This makes these systems much more environmentally friendly compared to other cofferdam options.

Other common characteristics of portable cofferdam systems:

  • Extremely flexible
  • Can be designed to cover any area, and any length as systems can be joined
  • Very cost effective in comparison to other, more traditional solutions
  • Can be used in both static and moving water
  • Causes very little disruption to the ground
  • Quick to deploy and quick to remove
  • Easy to transport

Portable cofferdam systems also provide effective flood protection solutions. A successful and comprehensive flood protection plan will involve a solution that can be deployed quickly and effectively. It needs also to be able to withstand unexpected flash floods and the pressure of countless gallons of floodwater. If you live in a flood prone area, or if you have received news of imminent flooding water, then if you have no effective plan in place then you are putting your business and/or personal safety at risk. Portable cofferdam systems can be deployed quickly and are very effective at withstanding the pressure of countless tons of unexpected flood water.

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