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Portable Cofferdam Systems in North Carolina

Portable Cofferdam Systems in North Carolina

View of Portable Cofferdam Systems in North Carolina

What are portable cofferdams, and why are they superior to traditional damming methods in almost every situation? Portable cofferdam systems are now essential in the construction industry wherever water is involved. They are excellent in every condition where they can function, in depths as high as 12-14 feet, depending upon conditions. They are the eco-friendly choice, alongside being the safest and cheapest option for combating water intrusion. Want to know more? Read on for a rough breakdown of portable cofferdams and their uses in North Carolina, and for a deeper dive, check out the articles available now on the Dam-It-Dams blog!

Portable Cofferdam Systems in North Carolina Vs Traditional Damming Methods

Traditional damming methods that compete with portable cofferdam systems include earthen barriers, sandbags, concrete cofferdams, and small cellular cofferdams. Each has a significant drawback, but the most glaring issues are the time they take to set up and take down and the overall environmental impact, none of which is an issue when using portable cofferdam in North Carolina.

Portable cofferdam systems can be placed down and fully functional in just a few hours and with only a small crew of workers, standing in stark contrast to the days or weeks of construction required by traditional damming methods. But how are they better for the environment? When you use a conventional damming method, it comes with the risk of leeching potentially harmful material in the surrounding waters, and they all require some modification of the landscape, whether through drilling or the mass movement of soil. Conversely, portable cofferdam systems are made of a recyclable geotextile material that has no potential for harmful chemical leakage into your North Carolina property, and they leave little to no impact on the environment when placed. The only evidence of a portable cofferdam is an imprint on the soil upon which it stood, which is quickly swept away by waters and natural factors.

Types Of Projects In North Carolina That Can Benefit From A Portable Cofferdam System

The list of potential uses for a portable cofferdam is nearly impossible to quantify, as their versatility and variety of sizes mean there is likely no scenario where they can’t be used, save for deep water damming. So, here is a collection of the most common use cases for a portable cofferdam system in North Carolina:

  • Dredging Projects In Shallow To Moderate Depths
  • Bridge Repair And Construction
  • Canal And Culvert Construction
  • Ecological Protection
  • Shore Line Restoration Projects
  • Flooding Protection
  • Storm And Hurricane Flooding Prevention
  • Road Construction And Repair
  • Wetland Preservation
  • Much, Much More

Finally, Are Portable Cofferdam Systems Safe?

Despite looking like they are some inflatable float, portable cofferdams are surprisingly durable and heavy, providing a seal on the waters they are blocking and creating a safe and dry environment for all types of work to take place. The complex system of baffles housed inside a portable cofferdam distributes the water used to inflate them equally. It creates a heavy, solid barrier that requires only simple tie-downs on the shore to ensure they don’t shift with changing tides or weather conditions. Moreover, an inflatable cofferdam limits exposure to water, being quickly constructed and taken down, ensuring that workers don’t need to take unnecessary risks. Without the need for complex building techniques to erect, portable cofferdams can be set up by crews with minimal experience.

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