Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Cofferdam Cold Weather

Paris, IL

Temporary Cofferdam Spillway 2

Location: Paris, IL Cofferdam Sizes: 8′ high x 225′ long, and 8′ tall x 50′ long Water Depth: 6′ Installation Time: 7.5 hours Project Description: Dewater project site to allow contractor to repair broken concrete on the spillway. Spillway Repairs The primary purpose of a spillway is to direct excess water or other liquids from …

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St Paul , MN

Temporary Cofferdam Lake Install 6

Location: St. Paul, MN Cofferdam Size: 8′ high x 250′ long Water Depth: 6′ Installation Time: 11 hours Project Description: Restore shoreline. Shoreline Restoration Water is one of Mother Nature’s most powerful forces. It can wreck havoc on shorelines over a period of time. To restore eroded beaches and other waterfront properties, cofferdams are the …

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Houghton Lake, MI

Canal Dredging Temporary Dam 1

Location: Houghton Lake, MI Cofferdam Size: 8′ high x 150′ long. Water Depth: 6′ Installation Time: 4.5 hours Project Description: Remove bottom sediment to deepen canal for improved boat access. Cofferdam Dredging The dredging process can be greatly expedited with the use of water-filled cofferdams from Dam-It Dams. By holding back water on the site, …

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