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Water Dams in North Carolina

Water Dams in North Carolina

Water Dams in North Carolina

Dam-It-Dams line of water-inflated cofferdams are the most versatile, mobile, and user-friendly damming system on the market today. Manufactured from geo-textile materials that are as strong as they are environmentally friendly, our water dams are excellent for marine construction projects, jobs on land, and mitigating damages caused by natural disasters such as floods or hurricanes. Due to their inflatable nature and rugged construction, our water dams can be easily transported to their deployment site and removed when they are no longer needed, leaving little to no trace of whether they were ever there and no negative environmental impact. If you’re located in North Carolina and need a tough, reusable, and environmentally friendly way to hold back water, keep reading to learn more about how our cofferdams can be delivered directly to your job site.

Water Dams for North Carolina Marine Construction Projects

Dam-It-Dams water-inflated cofferdams are excellent options for a wide range of construction projects in marine environments in North Carolina. Our water dams can be rented or purchased and delivered directly to your job site for marine construction projects like building a dock or repairing a floodwall. Once our water-inflated cofferdams reach their deployment site, they can be unrolled and orientated to form the perimeter of the working area. They are then inflated with pumps from the on-site water from the working area to create a formidable barrier to keep water out of the project site. Due to their geo-textile construction, our water dams have no negative impact on the environment, and once the job is done, they can be drained and removed, leaving little to no trace that they were ever there. Once drained, the dams are conveniently rolled up for ease of storage and transportation, ready to be put away until their next deployment.

Water Dams for North Carolina Land Construction Projects

Dam-It-Dams water-inflated cofferdams are excellent for land-based construction projects and agricultural applications in North Carolina. For farmers who need to create a temporary irrigation pond for crops or livestock, our water dams can be custom-ordered to any size and easily deployed and removed for seasonal water use needs. They are also excellent for diverting water from existing irrigation canals or protecting fields and other areas from flood waters. For land construction projects located near sensitive marine environments, our dams are also excellent for preventing contaminated runoff water from entering the aquatic environment. The Dam-It-Dams line of water dams is the most cost-efficient and effective option for any land-based construction job requiring controlling, capturing, or diverting water.

Water Dams for Natural Disasters in North Carolina

North Carolina is located in a region of the country that is susceptible to both flooding and hurricanes. When disaster strikes, having a system that can quickly be deployed to divert damaging flood waters is critical to protecting infrastructure, businesses, and homes. Our water dams are an excellent option for preventing flood damage due to their rapid deployment, ease of storage on-site, and strength. They can be customed to fit the dimensions of any perimeter, and once the storm has passed and the flood waters receded, they can be removed from the deployment site with no sign that they were there. If natural disasters are a concern for your area of North Carolina, look to the Dam-It-Dams line of water dams to protect your property from the devastating damage a flood can cause.

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To purchase Dam-It-Dams water-inflated cofferdams for your job site or to use as storage on location in the event of a natural disaster, call our team at (810) 695-1695. Our water dams are available for purchase and rent and can be customized to meet your unique needs.

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