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Water Filled Dam Systems in Florida

Water Filled Dam Systems in Florida

Water Filled Dam Systems in Florida

Water has a talent – it goes where it wants to go. Streams, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans have all been forged by nature, and built by the power of moving water. For the past few thousand years though nature has had to contend with a rival – mankind! Often man and nature are at odds of where water should be, and one of the solutions to this clash are water filled dam systems in Florida.

Water Filled Dam Systems in Florida Will Divert Water Away from Where it is not Required to be

The prime purpose of water filled dam systems is to hold back flood water, provide protection against flooding or to help create a dry environment for a construction project where otherwise water intrusion would be an issue. The erection of some type of barrier, or the provision of sandbags are two of the most common ways of creating a water filled dam System in Florida. The best possible water filled dam systems though are water filled cofferdams, as provided by Dam-It-Dams.

You can use a water filled cofferdam as a water filled dam system to provide solutions to the following water associated issues:


If you are working on the construction or repair of, for example, a boat ramp, bridge or marina, then you will be working in water. Construction cannot typically proceed until the water has been removed. Water filled dam systems can be put into position to create a temporary damming structure. The water can then be removed from the site, and construction can go ahead.


Instead of creating a water-free area when working on a construction project, it may be a better option to divert the water towards a different route. Water filled dam systems in Florida can be used to do just that. Common factors where this option is necessary includes dredging, environmental remediation, flood control and wetland protection.


Dams have been used for centuries in order to control water flow. There are several reasons why water filled dam systems in Florida may be needed in order to create a dam, such as the maintenance of water table levels, the collection of water for storage and the prevention of water intruding where problems would be caused.

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