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Water Filled Dam Systems in Louisiana

Water Filled Dam Systems in Louisiana

Water Filled Dam Systems in Louisiana

If you work in construction and you are tasked with working in an area that is normally submerged in water or where water intrusion is an issue, then you will understand the first step in your project will be to create a dry, safe working environment.

You may also understand that the erection of water filled dam systems in Louisiana can become a construction project in its own right. You may place a huge number of sandbags in order to create a largely water-tight barrier, or you may construct a steel or concrete barrier that will be dismantled and removed once your construction project has been completed.

Did you know there is a far better solution to your dilemma than sandbags, concrete or steel dams or any other solution? The answer you have been looking for is water filled dam systems as supplied by the good people at Dam-It-Dams.

Water Filled Dam Systems in Louisiana Offer Easy Installation

Water filled dam systems supplied by Dam-It-Dams are pre-fabricated tubes that have been manufactured using a durable geo-textile material. When you want to create a temporary cofferdam, you simply place the dam system where you need it, and inflate it with water. Once inflated, the dual inner tunes will create a strong, water filled barrier – simply now remove the intruding water from where you need it not to be to create your safe and dry working environment.

Advantages of Water Filled Dam Systems in Louisiana

There are lots of advantages to selecting a water filled dam system for your Louisiana project as opposed to other solutions. For a start, a water filled dam system is much kinder to the environment than sandbags or concrete/steel cofferdams. Such cofferdams can have a severe detrimental effect on the local environment, whereas a water filled dam is simply put in place and then removed when the project is complete.

Water filled dam systems are also much more cost-effective as they can be used time and time again. They are adaptable too as multiple cofferdams can be linked together to create barriers of any length as required.

If you’d like to further discuss the benefits of a water filled dam system as the ideal solution for your needs, then please feel free to get in touch with us here at Dam-It-Dams. We can be contacted by phone at 810-695-1695, or you can receive a free quote by clicking here.

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