Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Water Inflated Cofferdam

Water Inflated Cofferdam

Water Inflated Cofferdam In River Area

If you are involved in site work, then you may have heard of a water inflated cofferdam as a solution to site water intrusion. If you are working someplace that needs to be dry yet flooding remains a problem, then you may be using traditional, inefficient solutions such as sandbags. Sandbags are heavy, bulky and both difficult and expensive to transport. If you want a more cost effective, portable and reusable solution, then a water inflated cofferdam is just what you are looking for!

There are plenty of applications that require a dewatering solution for which a water inflated cofferdam can play a vital role. These include:

  • Bridges and Dam installation and repair
  • Canal and Culvert installation and repair
  • Dredging
  • Flood protection
  • Pipeline construction
  • River crossing installation and repair
  • Shoreline restoration
  • Pool maintenance and repair

A water inflated cofferdam comes with a flexible design that permits a custom layout. Installation is simple and speedy which is a significant advantage when you consider the possibility of fluctuating water levels.

Water Inflated Cofferdams Are More Cost Effective Than Traditional Solutions

One of the key attributes of a water inflated cofferdam is that it is reusable, which means it is not only more cost effective than other typical solutions, but it is friendlier for the environment too. You may feel that sandbags are just as reusable, but when sandbags are exposed to water they become saturated and the sand solidifies. This makes them extremely difficult to transport. They also take a lengthy time to dry out.

If you typically use steel gates when it comes to de-watering, then you’ll be aware of the problems with steel shutters or gates and corrosion. As a water inflated cofferdam is manufactured using synthetic materials, so corrosion is simply not a problem.

The installation of a water filled cofferdam is also a quick and painless process. With a dry installation, a cofferdam is simply rolled out to wherever it needs to be, then inflated. With a water installation, the cofferdam is partially inflated then positioned on the water’s surface. It is then fully inflated until it forms a barrier.

Interested in Learning More About a Water Inflated Cofferdam?

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