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Water Inflated Flood Barriers

Water Inflated Flood Barriers

In Case You Were Wondering: What are Water Inflated Flood Barriers?

Water Inflated Flood barriers are water filled cylindrical tubes that act as temporary dams. They have two double inner tubes, which hold the water and are robust enough to withstand, the external and internal pressures.

An industrial grade Geotextile material ensures that they are sturdy and durable. The material finds application in reinforcing the soil by being buried in the ground. Civil engineering projects use the material to prevent soil erosion. Therefore, it is suitable for use in water and on any surface.

Water inflated flood barriers are designed so that they are reusable multiple times. The water inflated cofferdam from Dam-it Dams is an example of this type of dam. It is an award-winning product for dewatering, damming and diverting water from construction sites.

The demand for the water-filled cofferdam as a flood protection barrier in the US has increased. Part of the heightened interest is due to the increase in the occurrence of floods in the country. Business owners, homeowners, and government institutions are seeking practical alternative solutions, and the dam is set up for the challenge.

Why Use the Water Inflated Flood Barrier?

This cofferdam has numerous advantages, which makes it ideal as a home and business flood protection barrier. Some of the top reasons are:

Potable and Light Weight

When not in use, the water inflated dams can be folded and stored away for future use. Liken it to a balloon; once there is no water inside, the dam deflates. For this reason, you can pack and move the barrier in one truck. You can fold them to fit in a small space in your shed or business premise. Being portable, they can be transferred quickly between places, making them suitable for emergencies. If flooding is about to occur in an area, you can send the dam to someone who needs it most, and they will set it up before the flooding commences.

Non Permeable and Non-Puncture Resistance

When it rains, flood waters carry debris such as rocks, branches, and sewage waste from hundreds of miles away. Such debris is highly dangerous to any property and living beings. You must have a strong barrier against the water and the debris.

After setting up the dam, water cannot seep through it, making it ideal for flood protection. The industrial geotextile material allows it to withstand tremendous forces and impact. Sandbags, for instance, are permeable to water and don’t provide maximum protection.

Expandable to Any Length

The water inflated flood barrier is available in unlimited lengths. How is this possible? Individual tubes can be linked to form a continuous tube, filled with water to create a strong barrier. Therefore if you need to surround a 507 sq.ft home or a 1,000 sq.ft home you can order the size you want.

No matter the length of the dam, it remains useful in guarding against flood waters. The water filled flood barriers have a sufficient height. You prevent flood levels from 1′ to 12′ in height.  Since they are flexible, you can modify the dam into any shape you want promptly. They will go round bushes, over slopping group effortlessly.

Affordable and a Life Time Investment

The damage from flood waters ranges in the thousands of dollars. Even a small water level can destroy the building fabric, especially if the home is structurally compromised by rot, termites or a weak foundation.

Foundation damage can lead to cracks in the house walls and slab, increasing the risk of damage by water. Debris carried in the water will break windows, and damage electrical components such as freezers and cooking ovens. Also, cleaning up after a flood is cost-prohibitive and arduous. Items such as the carpet could need replacing, furniture will soak water, and wooden flooring will be affected.

The cost of replacing these items is in the thousands of dollars. Additionally, until the flood levels subside, you have to seek alternative shelter.

Most people will use wood to protect their home during flooding. Others rely on sandbags, which are highly ineffective. A water inflated flood barrier stops all water in it track and keeps it from ever reaching your front door.

Though it may seem cost-prohibitive, it will save property worth $100,000 upwards. Additionally, once you buy one, it will last for years to come.

Environmental Friendly

These dams don’t require any extensive site preparation, unlike floodwalls and levees. Once used on the property, you don’t have to cut trees or destroy structures, it goes around them. Thus is minimally disrupts the soil thereby preventing soil erosion. It is safe for the environment.

How to Use the Water Inflatable Dams

To use the dams a water source if needed. You also need two portable water discharge pumps to fill the water in the tubes. Setting up the dam for home use requires a small workforce of four people at maximum. Two people will also erect the barrier.

The dam can be built in moving water or stationary water. Depending on the water depth and movement you will need ropes to anchor it in position. Filling the dam takes a short amount of time, and after guiding it to the position you want, it exerts a tremendous force on the ground making it hard to move.

When using the dam, you can promote its effectiveness by using it on an impermeable ground. If the soil around your property is sandy soil, you can take additional measures to compact it, but generally, it won’t affect the performance of the dam.

What are the Applications of the Water Inflated Flood Barriers?

The dams can divert floodwaters from your home. If a storm has already occurred it is applicable during dewatering, which is the removal of subsurface water. You can use it for damming such as in storing of water.

Because the water inflated flood barriers is the new modern solution, consider getting it, to mitigate flood damage.

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