Water Inflated Flood Barriers in Louisiana

Water Inflated Flood Barriers in Louisiana

Flooding is always a worry in many parts of Louisiana. Flood water is dangerous and destructive, which is why many homeowners and business owners take steps to make sure their buildings are protected. Construction site owners too – and all property owners would do well to consider investing in water-inflated flood barriers in Louisiana.

What Are Water Inflated Flood Barriers In Louisiana?

If flooding is predicted, then water inflated flood barriers can be deployed quickly and effectively. They are placed into position surrounding a building or site, or in a way that will prevent potential flood waters from causing disruption and destruction.

Once in place, the barriers are then inflated by having water pumped into them. The water inflated flood barriers in Louisiana are then able to withstand the pressure of any flood waters that may reach them.

There Are Several Benefits Of Using Water Inflated Flood Barriers In Louisiana For Flood Protection

Water inflated flood barriers have several benefits over alternative methods when it comes to the ‘Three Ds’ of water intrusion – damming, dewatering and diverting.

  • Lightweight and portable – when not required, water inflated flood barriers in Louisiana can be folded away and stored out of the way, ready for any future use. Because they are inflatable, when they are not inflated they can be folded up so that they take up very little space, adding to their convenience.
  • Puncture resistant – one of the main issues with flood water is not so much the water itself, but what the water picks up in terms of debris. Flood water can bring rocks, branches and other sharp objects along with it, which is why you’ll find that water inflated flood barriers in Louisiana are made to be resistant to puncture. They will also protect you against contaminants too, including chemicals and sewage.
  • Versatile – you may own a small, single building store or a sprawling business complex. No matter the scope of the flood protection you need, water inflated flood barriers in Louisiana have the adaptability to suit themselves to any environment. Several cofferdams can be connected together to create a water inflated flood barrier of virtually any length imaginable, and of any shape.

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