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Are Inflatable Cofferdams Expensive?

Engineer, architect or supervisor on a construction site of a new bridge. About 45 years old, Caucasian mature adult man smiling about inflatable cofferdams not being expensive.

If you are asking if inflatable cofferdams are expensive, then you are perhaps asking the wrong question. The question you need to be asking is ‘are cofferdams cost-effective?’ – and if you ask that question then the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’ Compare buying a high-end coffee maker against going to Starbucks every day. Okay, …

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3 Reasons Why an Inflatable Cofferdam is Superior to a Traditional Cofferdam

Men Installing Inflatable Cofferdam On River

Here at Dam-it-Dams we are always discussing how inflatable cofferdams are superior to traditional cofferdams. We have given plenty of reasons why this is true, but we thought it high time to put together the definitive list of why this is so. Without further delay, here is that definitive list of why inflatable cofferdams are …

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How Inflatable Cofferdam Rental Can Save You Money

Dam-It-Dams Inflatable Cofferdam Rental Blocking Water on River

There can be little doubt that when it comes to problematic water, an inflatable cofferdam provides the best solution. No matter if you are wanting to dewater a construction site, provide protection against potential flooding or are looking to create a temporary way of containing water, inflatable cofferdams come out on top when compared to …

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Inflated Cofferdams Offer Superior Spill Control

Oil Spill with Weeds in Water

One of the biggest hassles and potential causes of lost profits on any project is an unforeseen spill. There are different consequences depending on the type of spill. A simple spill may be smaller, more confined, and create minimal hazards. However, a complicated spill is a different story altogether. While the goal is to avoid …

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How Water Inflated Cofferdams Speed Up Construction

Heavy machinery for the construction

General contractors, business owners, and financiers all understand the need for speed when it comes to efficient construction. While not sacrificing quality or leaving loose ends untied, the ability to complete a quality job in a timelier fashion means moving on to other opportunities and keeping crews working rather than waiting. One of the biggest …

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