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Maintenance and Longevity of Water-Filled Cofferdams

Maintenance and Longevity of Water-Filled Cofferdams

Water-filled cofferdams are essential for temporary damming in construction, ecological restoration, flood prevention, and more. They are superior to other damming options in several ways. Unlike sandbags, which become hazardous when exposed to water, water-filled cofferdams can be reused. They are quick, easy to set up, and less expensive than other materials like concrete or earthen wall dams. Finally, water-filled cofferdams are versatile in their applications and can be stored for emergencies or future work. However, like all things, they have a limited lifespan, which can be impacted heavily by how they are maintained and stored. So, what are the best ways to get the most from the longevity of a water-filled cofferdam?

Lifespan, Durability, And Best Maintenance Practices For Water-Filled Cofferdams

The average use time for a water-filled cofferdam is a few weeks between deployment and takedown. A reusable cofferdam can be stored indefinitely and may have a useable lifespan of three to six months of deployment without any protective measures. But how can you extend that timeline? Through proper protection and maintenance, which includes the following essentials:

  • Use A Disposable Cover: The primary force that can degrade your cofferdam is UV radiation from the sun, which slowly breaks down the geotextile structure of the cofferdam. Sun damage can be prevented or mitigated by using a disposable cover, which can be removed or replaced over time.
  • Properly Prepare Damming Sites: Water-filled cofferdams are made of a strong and flexible geotextile material but are still vulnerable to puncture damage. Before deploying your cofferdam, clear the area of large and sharp debris that can puncture the cofferdam or cause an improper watertight seal.
  • Keep It Clean: Debris and material will inevitably adhere to the water-filled cofferdam, and giving it a washdown with fresh water can remove any foreign materials before storage. Additionally, while an inflatable cofferdam is in use, remove any large debris or plant matter that can collect around the cofferdam.
  • Repair And Store Promptly: Whenever your water-filled cofferdam becomes punctured, apply a patch immediately upon loss of sealing. Moreover, keep your cofferdam stored in a dry place to avoid sun damage, and when moving your inflatable cofferdam, use machinery and tools that cannot puncture its exterior.
Water-filled Cofferdam Storage

Benefits Of Water-Filled Cofferdams Compared To Other Damming Methods

Water-filled cofferdams are just one of the options for damming, but they are the superior choice in many situations where older and more traditional cofferdams fall short. As mentioned earlier, sandbags become hazardous when exposed to water, making them an inferior reusable choice. However, other damming methods like concrete, earthen barriers, and less temporary cofferdams are effective. Yet, three factors make inflatable cofferdams a better choice than the others.

  1. Eco-Friendliness: Water-filled cofferdams produce no pollutants and impact waterways for far less time than any other option due to their quick setup and takedown.
  2. Economical: There is no other damming method that you can repeatedly use at numerous worksites that require only small crews necessary to construct an inflatable cofferdam, meaning they save you money with each use and come with no loss in materials after work is completed.
  3. Versatility: Water-filled cofferdams can be used for more than one function. Construction applications like bridge repair, dredging, and more can benefit from a temporary cofferdam. Yet, they can also be used for ecological restoration projects, flooding prevention, and more.

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