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The Role of Water-Inflated Cofferdams in Disaster-Preparedness

The Role of Water-Inflated Cofferdams in Disaster-Preparedness

As our planet continues to warm, natural disasters have increased in both their frequency and severity. Rising temperatures have caused sea levels to rise, hurricanes to intensify, and floods to be more destructive than ever. Combined with the destruction of forests, wetlands, and natural flood buffers, it is more important than ever to be prepared for floods and the dangers they pose to infrastructure and property. Dam-It-Dams brings a modern solution to holding back flood waters with a line of durable, portable, and effective inflatable cofferdam systems. For more than two decades, Dam-It-Dam’s strong geo-textile material cofferdams, designed for ease of use, have been deployed at both construction sites and disaster areas to hold back and relocate water sources. If you find your property at risk from flooding, you have the power to weather the storm with Dam-It-Dams.

Incorporating Dam-It-Dams Cofferdams Into a Disaster Preparedness Plan

Before water-inflated cofferdams protecting property or infrastructure from flood waters relied on heavy, bulky materials, including:

  • Sandbags
  • Rock fill dams
  • Steel sheet pile dams
  • Earth fill dams

These materials have several drawbacks besides just their weight. These styles of dams often require hours or days to build, require large amounts of labor, and are frequently prone to leaks and failures. When flooding strikes, there is a limited amount of time for a plan to be implemented to protect property or infrastructure before the waters rise. Dam-It-Dams inflatable cofferdams are incredibly portable, quick and easy to install, reusable, and highly effective at holding back flood waters. Dam-It-Dams are made from strong and environmentally friendly geo-textile materials and arrive rolled up for ease of storage until they are ready to be deployed. When disaster looms, the dams are unrolled around the desired perimeter and then filled with water inside the dam’s dual innertubes, forming a robust and quick barrier to hold back flood waters. Once flood waters have receded, the dam innertubes can be drained and rolled up for ease of storage, ready for their next mission. The dams leave little to no signs of their presence at the deployment site. Dam-It-Dams can be rented ahead of time to prepare for a coming storm or purchased and stored on-site for the quickest possible deployment when disaster looms.

Tips for Deploying Dam-It-Dams in an Emergency

Dam-It-Dams line of water-inflated cofferdam systems are customizable for just about any job. They can be custom-made to any specifications, including dam height and dam width. They can also be deployed in various shapes to protect property lines from flood waters. Suppose a flooding event is forecasted to cause flooding in your area, such as an incoming hurricane. In that case, our team can work with you to find the correct portable dam for your application and have it delivered right to your door, ready to be installed. Our dams can be purchased and easily stored on your property for the fastest possible deployment for customers who live in areas with higher risk for flooding. While our dams are the most effective and durable in the industry after they have been implemented, people living in a disaster area should listen to local, state, and federal authorities on advice for evacuating the area, even if an inflatable cofferdam has been installed on a property. Dam-It-Dams can play a vital role in an emergency preparedness plan. Still, other steps, including having an evacuation plan, emergency preparedness kit, and advice from authorities, should be considered during a flooding disaster alongside damming solutions. To learn more about the Dam-It-Dams line of water-inflated cofferdam systems, contact us at (810) 695-1695, send us an email at sales@damitdams.com, or click here to get a free quote.

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