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4 Benefits Of Inflatable Cofferdams

4 Benefits of Inflatable Cofferdams

While we humans cannot live without water, water can be both annoying and dangerous. If there is water where you don’t want it to be, or if the water’s presence is creating a hazardous environment, then you are going to…

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Temporary Cofferdam Solutions From Dam-It-Dams

Temporary Cofferdam Solutions from Dam-It-Dams

Here at Dam-It-Dams, we know that working near water or in water can cause all kinds of complications. The main challenges seem difficult to overcome, such as the environmental impact, the safety of your workforce and the management of the…

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Installation Procedures For Water Filled Cofferdams

How Dikes, Levees, and Dams Differ

Dikes, dams, and levees are all critical players in flood prevention; however, these terms are not interchangeable. While the functions of these structures are similar, their differences are very distinct. Let’s break it down. Dikes Dikes are embankments that hold…

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