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Lakehurst, IL

Affordable Water Filled Cofferdam 16

Location: Lakehurst,IL Cofferdam Sizes: 6′ high x 225′ long Water Depth: 4′ Installation Time: 6.5 hours Project Description: Gas main repair Canals Holding back water to allow a project to proceed is greatly facilitated by the use of portable cofferdams. Dam-It Dams has a wide range of cofferdams to accommodate virtually every project need. They …

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New Orleans, LA

Affordable Water Filled Cofferdam 8

Location: New Orleans, LA Cofferdam Sizes: one 10′ high x 75′ long and one 12′ high x 75′ long Water Depth: 6′ and 10′ Installation Time: 4.5 hours per dam Project Description: Dredge cement canal upstream of water cooling tower. Canals Holding back water to allow a project to proceed is greatly facilitated by the …

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Lake Vermillion, MN

Boat Ramp Repair Water Structure 5

Location: Lake Vermillion, MNCofferdam Size: 6′ high x 260′ longWater Depth: 4′Installation Time: 6 hours Project Description: Dam-It Dams provided a temporary water-filled cofferdam that was needed by the Minnesota DNR to construct a new boat ramp that would allow access by its seaplane to Lake Vermillion. Boat Ramp Installation or Repair The installation or …

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Manchester, Mi

Bridge Repair Water FIlled Cofferdams 14

Location: Sharon Mills County Park Manchester, MI Cofferdam Size: 12′ high x 50′ long Water Depth: 10′ Installation Time: 5 hours Project Description: Repair the water intake gate for the Henry Ford Historical Mill. Bridge Repairs The aging infrastructure of our Nation’s bridges and roads has led to a tremendous increase in the number of …

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LakeSide, MI

Affordable Cofferdam 4

Location: Lakeside, MI Cofferdam Size: 8′ high x 200′ long Water Depth: 6′ Installation Time: 6.5 hours Project Description: Dewater the work site to allow demolition of an existing bridge and construction of a new one. Bridge Repairs A Dam-It Dams portable cofferdam is the ideal solution for blocking or diverting water flow when needed …

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