Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

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How Boat Ramp Construction Benefits From Inflatable Cofferdams

Water Inflated Cofferdam for Boat Ramp Construction

When constructing a boat ramp, one constant needs to be removed. That constant is water. Water adds complications to any construction project, and when working near a river, lake, or coastal area, you will need a way to control it. That is where an inflatable cofferdam can come in handy. Inflatable cofferdams are temporary barriers …

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Inflatable Cofferdams for Boat Ramp Construction

Truck with Boat Unloading into Lake

Boat ramps are essential infrastructure for lake, coastal, and river access. However, due to the water in these locations, it can be challenging to construct a boat ramp without an adequate temporary dewatering solution. Enter inflatable cofferdams like those available from Dam-It-Dams. Inflatable cofferdams are invaluable safety tools for construction on or near the water. …

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Boat Ramp Lincoln, NE

Boat Ramp Repair Cofferdam 9

Boat Ramp Location: Lincoln, NE Cofferdam Size: 4′ high x 250Water Depth: 3′Installation Time: 4 hours Project Description: Cofferdam was used to de-water the work site to allow for a new concrete boat ramp to be poured.

Lake Vermillion, MN

Boat Ramp Repair Water Structure 5

Location: Lake Vermillion, MNCofferdam Size: 6′ high x 260′ longWater Depth: 4′Installation Time: 6 hours Project Description: Dam-It Dams provided a temporary water-filled cofferdam that was needed by the Minnesota DNR to construct a new boat ramp that would allow access by its seaplane to Lake Vermillion. Boat Ramp Installation or Repair The installation or …

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