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Inflatable Cofferdams for Boat Ramp Construction

Inflatable Cofferdams for Boat Ramp Construction

Boat ramps are essential infrastructure for lake, coastal, and river access. However, due to the water in these locations, it can be challenging to construct a boat ramp without an adequate temporary dewatering solution. Enter inflatable cofferdams like those available from Dam-It-Dams. Inflatable cofferdams are invaluable safety tools for construction on or near the water.

Why You Should Use An Inflatable Dam Over Traditional Construction Materials

Traditional construction materials, like concrete dams or sandbags, just can’t cut it for dewatering in our fast-paced modern construction industry. Why is that? Any damming solution for dewatering other than an inflatable cofferdam is inefficient, costly, and will add dozens of hours of work time to an already tight budget and schedule. Need to familiarize yourself with inflatable cofferdams? Don’t worry. These inflatable cofferdams are easy to use and, with professional support, can provide a dewatering solution with all the following benefits:

Inflatable Cofferdams Are Ultradurable And A Safe Option

Inflatable cofferdams, like those from Dam-It-Dams, are made from a revolutionary geotextile material that inflates like a balloon while being puncture-resistant and able to withstand the brutal pressure of thousands of pounds of water being held back. Our inflatable cofferdams can be used in waters as shallow as a few inches all the way to twelve feet deep, making them perfect for boat ramp construction.

Inflatable Cofferdams Unsurpassed Portability

You can’t take any dam with you save an inflatable cofferdam. Thanks to their inflatable properties, a temporary dam can be deflated, rolled up, and packed on a truck for transport to your next work site. Afterward, you can move the cofferdam to a new location, fill it in just a few hours, and get to work on the same day.

Portable Cofferdams Offer Incredible Versatility For Any Project

Need to dewater more space than a single cofferdam can cover? Do you want to hold the water off-site and pump it back later? Inflatable cofferdams can solve many problems thanks to being remarkably versatile and able to adjust to any situation. If you need to cover a large area for an expansive boat ramp, then an inflatable cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams has you covered. These unique cofferdams can be interconnected with dams of the same size and can span the entire width of a large river if need be. Finally, they are helpful for boat ramps and many construction projects, including bridge repair or construction, dredging operations, and shoreline restoration.

Inflatable Cofferdams Are The Eco-Friendly Choice

Pouring concrete, dropping sandbags, and constructing steel sheeting in water all share two significant drawbacks. They require disturbing the sediment and can corrode, leaking harmful chemicals into the water supply you are trying to protect. Inflatable cofferdams are ecologically the best option, as they require no drilling and have minimal impact on the bottom of the water source they are damming. Furthermore, the quick setup and takedown times minimize the effect on local wildlife.

Cost Effective Pricing Makes Inflatable Cofferdams a Great Choice for All Types of Construction Companies

While any type of construction equipment, especially one that provides a safe work environment, is expensive, a well-cared-for inflatable cofferdam can help pay for itself several times over. Saving you time saves you money, and without purchasing new supplies for constructing a more traditional cofferdam, you can budget accordingly, offer lower prices, and get more clients onboard with minimal effort.

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