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How Boat Ramp Construction Benefits From Inflatable Cofferdams

How Boat Ramp Construction Benefits From Inflatable Cofferdams

When constructing a boat ramp, one constant needs to be removed. That constant is water. Water adds complications to any construction project, and when working near a river, lake, or coastal area, you will need a way to control it. That is where an inflatable cofferdam can come in handy. Inflatable cofferdams are temporary barriers that allow for the creation of a safe dry work area that provides a space for personnel and equipment. Boat ramp construction is only one of many applications for an inflatable cofferdam, so read on below to learn more about how an inflatable cofferdam can help with your next project.

Save Yourself Time And Money With A Versatile Inflatable Cofferdam

When working in the water, you will likely add several weeks of construction time, requiring far more effort than if you had a dry location to build your boat ramp. Inflatable cofferdams save you time and money, allowing for a safe work environment. Furthermore, due to the reusable nature of an inflatable cofferdam, you can use it for several projects, making it a worthwhile investment for the future.

Inflatable Cofferdams Are A Durable And Safe Choice

How does an inflatable cofferdam offer similar durability to other damming materials like sandbags or permanent concrete dams? Inflatable dams are constructed from a flexible and ultradurable geotextile material that is puncture-resistant and can weather hundreds of pounds of water pressure. Moreover, they are rated to work in water as shallow as a few inches up to twelve feet in depth, making them perfect for boat ramp construction.

Additionally, thanks to the portability of an inflatable cofferdam, you can use it at any number of sites and in all conditions. So long as they are stored and transported correctly, an inflatable cofferdam is reusable. Do you only need one cofferdam on a single project? Inflatable cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams are also available for rent. With precise instructions on setup and takedown, they can be erected by a crew as small as three people, saving you time and making them perfect for any sized operation.

Invest In Something That Is Better For The Environment

Sandbags, while an effective damming method, are not at all environmentally friendly. Unlike inflatable cofferdams, sandbags require the redistribution of materials to construct and can potentially leak harmful chemicals when soaked with water. Other traditional damming methods, like concrete and earthen walls, are semi-permanent, requiring extensive construction and deconstruction to allow water to flow. While they are great for other applications, a boat ramp requires a temporary structure. With an inflatable cofferdam, you will find the lowest takedown time for the quickest ramp opening possible.

Inflatable Cofferdams Are Useful For Any Project

Are boat ramps the only thing you construct? More likely than not, you will have several different types of projects, and an inflatable cofferdam can be helpful for all of them. Bridge repair and construction, dredging, and construction of foundations near water are just some of the potential uses for an inflatable cofferdam, making it an investment in the future of your business rather than a one-off purchase for a single-use case.

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