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Cofferdams for Construction in Maryland

Cofferdams for Construction in Maryland

Cofferdam Being Used for Construction in Maryland

Cofferdams have been used in construction projects for centuries. However, modern cofferdams have advanced a great deal over the last century or so! All construction projects close to or within a body of water need a control system. Working on a construction project where water is involved is hazardous and time-consuming. The best solution is always to temporarily divert the water someplace else, which is where cofferdams for construction in Maryland are vital.

Cofferdams for Construction in Maryland are Essential for the Control of Water

The primary use for cofferdams for construction in Maryland is to create a watertight enclosure surrounding the construction area. Water is removed from the site to create a safe, water-free environment. Construction can then continue without water being an issue. Once the construction project is completed, the water can be returned to the area, and then the cofferdam can be removed.

There are several types of cofferdams for construction in Maryland, but the choice that has become the most popular is the inflatable cofferdam. These cofferdams arrive at the site in a deflated state but are not inflated by air – instead, they are inflated using the very resource they have been brought in to control, that being water!

There are Countless Advantages of Inflatable Cofferdams for Construction in Maryland

It is easy to list the high number of advantages that inflatable cofferdams for construction in Maryland have over more ‘traditional’ cofferdam construction techniques.

  • Environmental Friendliness – A construction project typically has a detrimental effect on the local environment. When you add in the construction of a cofferdam, that damaging effect increases. In addition, because a cofferdam involves disturbing a water source, residue and other debris can enter the water source, which may cause further downstream problems. Water-inflated cofferdams for construction in Maryland cause much fewer environmental disturbances than other methods.
  • Easy to Install – There’s only minimal planning involved when installing an inflatable cofferdam. You only need to position it where it needs to be and anchor it (if in dynamic water)— then pump water into your cofferdam to create your barrier.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Dealing with water is both costly and time-consuming. Your construction project will suffer significant delays if you need to construct a water barrier before construction, and we all understand the saying ‘time is money’. The last thing you want is for your crew and suppliers to stand idly by, unable to do anything because there is no safe working environment for them yet. Inflatable cofferdams for construction in Maryland can be installed quickly and with minimal fuss, and they can be removed just as speedily!
  • Reusability – If you handle your cofferdam with care, it can be used repeatedly. If the cofferdam is washed and any light repairs are made after its use, transported carefully, and stored in a suitable place, it could last you for many jobs. Don’t worry if you feel your need for a cofferdam is simply a ‘one-off’ as you are free to rent cofferdams.

If you need cofferdams for construction in Maryland or anywhere in the US (or for any reason), then the people you need to speak to can be found at Dam-It-Dams. We have over twenty years of experience supplying and installing inflatable cofferdams and count ourselves as the number one inflatable cofferdams experts in the United States. You can speak to us today by phone at 810-695-1695 or online to request a free cofferdam quote.

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