Water-Inflated Cofferdam for TV Show Curse of Oak Island

Cofferdams for Construction in North Carolina

Cofferdams for Construction in North Carolina

Viewing Setup of Cofferdams for Construction in North Carolina

There are a number of different aspects of life that simply do not mix, like oil and water, or ‘Best Picture’ at the Oscars and a comedy film. Another two aspects of life that simply do not mix are water and construction. Attempting to undertake a construction project close to or even in a source of water is usually perilous and sometimes dangerous, especially if, as is often the case these days, electricity is involved along the line somewhere.

Using a cofferdam is the best way of ensuring a dry working environment in a construction area where water is a problem. Below we will look at some examples of how you can make use of cofferdams for construction in North Carolina.

Shoreline Restoration in North Carolina

You may think of the use of cofferdams for construction in North Carolina as being primarily for building or repairs to existing buildings, but construction projects often extend far beyond that. For example, one type of construction project you may not have considered where cofferdams for construction serve useful is with shoreline restoration.

Our shorelines are crucial to the continual ‘good health’ of our planet, as they help maintain an important ecological balance in terms of the environment. When it comes to shoreline restoration, you will naturally be working very close to water. It is therefore important that a barrier is created between the natural water source and the shoreline you are restoring. Cofferdams for construction in North Carolina are the ideal solution for your shoreline restoration needs.

Boat Ramp Construction in North Carolina

People who do not have the luxury of being able to afford docking or mooring fees usually keep their boats (if small enough to be transportable) on dry land. When it comes for their boats to actually do what boats are designed to do, then they need some way of getting them in the water. This is where boat ramps come in. They are ramps that begin on dry land and end up submerged in the water.

Constructing a boat ramp is no easy task, but the task can be made much simpler with the use of cofferdams for construction in North Carolina. Building a boat ramp down into water is much easier if you create a dry working environment first, and to do that you simply use a cofferdam. This creates a separate area between the boat ramp construction point and the body of water. The water can be removed from where the boat ramp is required, allowing construction to commence and go on unhindered.

Pipeline Construction in North Carolina

While the surface of areas of water in North Carolina may look serene and peaceful, there is usually a lot going on beneath. Large bodies of water are ideal for laying pipes across, as you do not have to dig deep and down when you are laying pipes on dry land. Pipes have all kinds of usage, including the transportation of clean water, gas, sewage or being a conduit for communication cables.

Naturally, faults may occur with pipelines, and they may need repair, or you may be tasked with construction in the first place. Again, cofferdams for construction in North Carolina are ideal for helping create the crucial dry working environment when such matters require attention.

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