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Cofferdams For Construction In South Carolina

Cofferdams For Construction In South Carolina

Cofferdams For Construction In South Carolina

Within the growing construction field, there has never been a greater need for portable and durable damming options. South Carolina and the greater US East Coast are seeing unprecedented levels of flooding and the need for specialized construction crews. Cofferdams offer an eco-friendly and relatively low-cost solution for water intrusion solutions and could be what you need for one construction project or many to come. How can a cofferdam help in the construction industry? What places is it most useful? Here we will explore that topic and more below.

Cofferdams For Construction Crews in South Carolina

Cofferdams are not always necessary, especially in arid environments. However, South Carolina, its numerous waterways, the extensive coastline, and the possibility of hurricanes are seeing an increased need for cofferdam protection. Some of the fields most affected include:

  • Bridge Construction, Repair, Maintenance, And Deconstruction
  • Oil Rig Construction And Maintenance
  • Flooding Prevention In Construction Areas
  • Dam Construction And Repair
  • Harbor Creation And Dock Maintenance
  • Heavy Freight Dredging
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Water Diversion In A River, Canal, Or Harbor
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Construction
  • Wetland Preservation Through Water Diversion
  • Many More

Cofferdams are incredibly versatile and are the premier dewatering solution for construction crews everywhere. Cofferdams can cover a large area and be installed BEFORE crews arrive, meaning that dewatering and drying of work areas can be done ahead of time. This can save teams the headache of being on-site without the ability to work and keep your team from wasting time working on simple and relatively mundane things such as stacking sandbags.

Setting Up A Construction Cofferdam Is More Simple Than You Think

Sandbags, steel walls, and concrete barriers may be traditional methods for damming and stopping water intrusion. However, a cofferdam is far less complicated and requires only a fraction of the work to install. Crews as small as five can move, install, inflate, and then remove a portable cofferdam in a matter of hours. Further, thanks to a connection collar mechanism, multiple inflatable cofferdams can be connected together to form a larger structure than a single piece can accomplish.

Cofferdams Are An Environmentally Friendly Dewatering Solution for South Carolina Construction Sites

First and foremost, cofferdams are one of the least intrusive dewatering methods. When properly installed, a cofferdam has the lowest change in turbidity (clearness) of the water. Further, thanks to the quick setup and takedown process, the effect on wildlife is minimized and causes less interruption than more traditional methods.

Dam-It-Dams Cofferdams Are Durable And Reusable

So long as they are removed carefully and stored correctly, a cofferdam from Dam-It-Dams can be used on multiple occasions. Whether you need to use the dam in the same place numerous times or further downstream, a portable cofferdam can be placed, removed, and replaced several times without losing efficiency.

Inflatable Cofferdams Are Safe To Use And Install in Construction Areas

While risk cannot be removed entirely from a work site, a cofferdam helps reduce risk and increase the safety of workers. Doing work without a cofferdam can put crews at the mercy of mother nature; however, by installing a cofferdam and exercising proper safety measures, the risks of falls, slipping, electrocution, and the possibility of accidental drowning are lowered significantly.

Contact the Dam-It-Dams Team For All Your Cofferdam Needs

Whether you need a rental for a single project or need a more long-term solution, we have what you need at Dam-It-Dams. Our expert cofferdam engineers are here to help you find the cofferdam size and exact specifications you need. Give us a call at 810-695-1695 or fill out our online form to request a free cofferdam quote today!

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